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Mack Lawrence is a successful music video director and videographer who has made his biggest mark in the rap video arena. Born with an intrinsic entrepreneurial spirit, Mack has owned and operated several small businesses in his adult life, but none has managed to bring him the satisfaction and success that owning his own music video directing enterprise has.

To hear Mack tell it, “I was always the mix tape cover guy. All my friends were rappers so it was inevitable that I would be in this industry.”

Mack Lawrence’s Background

Mack eventually settled for a career in sales and marketing to provide stability for his young family. When he wasn’t working or spending time with his wife and children, Mack still enjoyed spending time in the studio with his friends.

While in the studio one day in early May 2018, one of his closest friends told him he was getting ready to have a music video shot. Having never owned or operated a video camera, Mack asked his friend if he could try to shoot his video, using only his iPhone!

While working on the video, Mack found a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction he had not experienced before in his professional life. “It was the editing that I fell in love with,” Mack says. “It felt so familiar to me, even though I was learning how to do it for the first time.”

Mack Lawrence Career

Mack specializes in green screen and 3D animation and has worked with many well-known artists including Saint John, Future, 42 Dugg, Sada Baby, Montana of 300, Omb Peezy, Vldeck, Bag Boy Mel, Yellopain, Young Joc, CookUpBoss, Ekt 40, Doobie, and Bezz Believe…just to name a few.

His driven mentality and tenacious ambition, pushes him to hone his skills, acquire new knowledge, and push the boundaries of what is possible in order to build his brand name Mack Lawrence Films. While the hours are long and the tasks sometimes challenging, Mack would not have it any other way.

Mack’s work has been featured in Worldstar, No Jumper, and Saycheese, amongst others. He aspires to be an important innovator in the rap video industry and teach others that they too can do anything they desire, as long as they are willing to learn and put in the work!

“My goal is to break the boundaries of what is acceptable in music videos. Taking the vision to the highest creative height”

Mack Lawrence social media

Mack maintains an active social media presence. His Instagram and YouTube accounts boast more than 20K followers. He shares new content and updates on upcoming projects regularly, demonstrating how someone’s passion and determination can lead towards a successful and fulfilling path.

Check out his music videos on his website and YouTube channel and follow with him on Instagram to never miss out on his latest ideas and concepts.

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