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In the rap game, there are regular artists, and then there’s rappers like Mack2Tone whose talent places her in a league of her own.

Athens Georgia native, Mack2Tone is leaving her mark on the music industry as one of the greatest of all time. Her impeccable flow and verbal versatility over the beat create an endless stream of songs always giving heat. What she has accomplished as an independent artist is almost unheard of in this era. With impressive streaming numbers surpassing 120K and social media cult following, Mack2Tone’s grind is a problem for the game.

From releases like her music video for “Open” feat. BirdDaGreat, to her debut album “Fool Me 2wice,” Mack2Tone is separating herself from any doubts that she is going to achieve major success. With so much buzz to her name, it would be foolish for record labels to not get her on their team. American rapper Qadada The God and CEO of Quality Too Good Management, LLC saw her potential and signed her to his imprint. Mack2Tone has since continued to elevate, being featured across multiple major industry magazines, performing live at events like the “Bigger Than Ever Capricorn Bash” in Decatur, GA, earning nominations for Best Female MC in the Athens Hip-hop Awards, and was personally contacted by Benny the Butcher to be featured on his hosted mixtape, “Who Can Rap.” The single was streamed over 20k times in the first week, further indicating Mack2Tone’s rise.

To date, her name rings bells not only in music, but in sports. As a college graduate and former high school/college basketball player with some pro experience, she has been offered a chance to take her athletic abilities to the next level by playing Pro Women’s Basketball overseas. If the music and sports industry are hell-bent on her talent, there’s no question of her genius.

Follow the Athens prodigy as she uses her music to change lives and impact her city and the entire world.

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