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Madlib has provided an update on the status of a previously revealed joint project with the late Mac Miller.

During an appearance on Sway in the Morning on Monday, Madlib mentioned he was currently working on the project, which in 2019 was discussed under the title Maclib.

“Right now I’m finishing up the Mac Miller album,” he said around the 5:21 mark in the video below, prompting Sway to ask for clarity on whether this was the same album mentioned a few years back following Mac’s death at the age of 26. Madlib not only confirmed that this is the same project, but he also confirmed that Mac’s estate had given their approval.

“They’re down,” he told Sway and company.

Talib Kweli was also on hand for the interview, fresh off the release of his and Madlib’s Liberation 2 project. That album, notably, features a posthumous verse from Mac.

“Me and Mac Miller both rhymed to the same Madlib beat at the same time in different places,” Kweli revealed to Sway. “When we found that out, we were like, now it’s a song together.”

In 2019, Thelonious Martin revealed during a chat with DJBooth that he had first heard of the project amid Pitchfork Music Festival proceedings the year prior. At the time, it wasn’t clear when, or if, the tentatively titled Maclib would be given an official release. For now, there’s still no date set. But with Madlib stating the estate is on board and that he’s actively “finishing up” the album, it seems like a formal announcement could be on the horizon.