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A Passionate Introvert Only To Speak With Thoughtful Insight.

Growing up in a small rural Massachusetts town, MC/Producer Eli Jordan
expresses himself by creating head nodding, soulful, and drum heavy instrumentals. Although Eli only started releasing tracks in
2021, he is by no means a new artist. Through multiple monikers, style
changes, deep doubts, and self abasement, he has never stopped producing his art.

His latest self produced video Oracle directed by Trill Is Bliss was inspired by the growing need for clarity in a world where the recent connection through modern technology is having more noticeable effects on the psyche. “I try to speak vaguely on heavier concepts with spiritually conscious overtones while displaying lyrical ability to keep it light. I always feel there should be a balance as to not deter the listener or sacrifice the vibe of the music” says Eli. Check it out now on Youtube and your preferred digital streaming provider.




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