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The Southside of Chicago’s Master Yeti is the celebrity to watch in 2022. In 2021, he stunned all music fans with his fresh new sound and the smash dance track “Lulu Lemon,” which has accumulated more than four million stream across the various streaming services. In the present, Yeti puts his foot on the gas and is preparing for the most significant moment in his career, with the release of his heavy bass-driven debut song, “Livin Life,” available now on Yeti Studios.

The track was produced by Yeti himself The heart-pounding, fast-paced track is a reflection of his thoughts about his newfound fame and the things that go along with it, including extravagant items that go beyond our imaginations influence, hateful people pockets stuffed with cash and speeding. “All the money in my pocket it don’t mean a thing,” Yeti is heard rapping on the track’s chorus. “The hate is real/The love is fake/Least that’s the way it seems/Livin’ life, spinnin’ out and you can’t stop me/That’s how I’m feelin’ when I’m hopping in that Rarri.”

Master Yeti made his debut in the year 2019 with his first single, appropriately called “On My Own.” Before he started music, Yeti accrued success creative designer and businessman. When he first began making music in 2017, his musical expertise spans generations. These include his father, who is an highly regarded pianist, as well as his uncle, a renowned left-handed bass player who passed on and inspired the importance of music to him when he was a kid.

Master Yeti has created a stunning catalog of singles that will be released in 2021 , just following his debut in the year 2019. The diverse catalog showcases an array of styles that are laced with bigger-than-life lyrics and an enthralling appeal that fans of today’s music recognize and admire from the new artists they’ve discovered. With “Livin Life,” Yeti promises to release more songs to come in the near future as he works on his upcoming album, which is yet untitled and was recently announced for release in 2023.

An music video of “Livin Life” is currently being developed. Stay up to date with everything Master Yeti’s his social channels.

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