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Bringing a foreign vibe with his unique style, Lil Fuccy has been making a splash in the industry with his vibe and sound.

Meet Lil Fuccy, the Indonesian Hitmaker Building a Buzz

24-year-old Indonesia rapper, Andy Yudha aka Lil Fuccy came up listening to some of hip hop’s greatest lyricists and trendsetters in the game. Musical inspirations of goats like Kanye West, Drake, and J Cole among others, motivated Lil Fuccy to tackle his dreams of becoming a rapper head-on. Taking time to focus his vision on the path ahead, he dedicated himself to developing his skills on the mic before building his catalog of music.

In 2018 he released his first official track and ever since he has been dropping nothing but heat for his growing fanbase. Lil Fuccy caught the wave and rode it to international recognition. His music holds a flavor not often seen in the industry landscape. With playful rhymes and an introspective rap style, he channels his emotions and thoughts to express his experiences on the beat. Always putting the work in to release songs that fans would embrace, Lil Fuccy created a name for himself.

While his singles like, “Survive,” “Nudes,” and “Lotta Death” are still doing numbers and going crazy on streaming platforms, Lil Fuccy is on the heels of releasing his new single, “Baby” on 11th February 2022. The heartfelt track, giving off a romantic vibe, arrives just in time to serenade through speakers for the valentine season. Lil Fuccy is putting Indonesia on the global map as he continues to achieve new milestones and triumphs in his career.

Check out Lil Fuccy’s catalog of music to find out why all the hype about his craft and stay tuned for the release of his new smooth single, “Baby.”


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