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The beauty industry has become one of the most lucrative industries worldwide, but Tiffane Nicol & Kay Brown aren’t satisfied until they turn it into the best.

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Tiffane Nicol aka Ms Tiffane and Kay Brown aka Miss Kay are what you would call legends in the beauty industry. Individually they hold a myriad of accolades and specialties that have given them the ranking of most professional and skilled in the cosmetic world. Collectively they are the female bosses that are propelling the beauty and cosmetic world into the future with the creation and launch of the HBCU cultured beauty school, Style Mobb University (SMU).

As the founder and dean of Style Mobb University, Tiffane Nicol utilizes her brains for business and serial entrepreneur to stare the ship along the path of their vision. One which aims to train and nurture students into professionals that are state board test licensed and have all the knowledge and hands on experience to perform in the beauty industry through SMU’s dual enrollment, cosmetology program and advance training. Tiffane Nicol channels her 15 plus years of experience in the beauty industry to make this level of accreditation and system possible. Having owned and operated salons that have catered to normal clients right up to A-list celebrities and networks like R Kelly, Mary Mary, the cast of Love & Hip Hop, Usher, E Tv, and the BET Awards among others, Tiffane Nicol has 10 years of know-how, tact, and finesse. This has made her the prime candidate to employ, teach, and manage some of Atlanta’s best Nail Techs, Makeup Artists, and hairstylists. Her legacy is almost never-ending in accomplishments. Being the first person to own a 24-hour hair salon in Atlanta, Diamonds and Pearls Image Studio, her worth as a beautician and cosmetologist is unmatched.

Beside her, is her business partner, friend, and Director of Education for Style Mobb University, Kay Brown. Her resume is as impressive as her beauty partner in crime. With 10 plus years background as a professional hair stylist and a Paul Mitchell educator exceeding 5 years, she has been the teacher and nurturer of hundreds of cosmetologists that now carry on the highest level of professionalism in the beauty industry. By many appreciating her work and knowledge of the industry, she is often referred to as The Beauty Professor. Her glow testifies to the glamour that accompanies her presence and passion for educating the next generation of beauticians. PMTSA lead Core Instructor, Paul Mitchel School of Atlanta Alumni, former learning leader, and master educator with experiences in all fields of the beauty industry, Kay Brown has trained and made Certified Cutting Specialists, Textured Hair Specialists and Color Specialists across the US.

Together, Tiffane Nicol and Kay Brown, have traveled the world, pushing the beauty industry forward with their diversified range of talents and wisdom of everything beauty. It comes as no surprise that the duo has on their hands the fastest growing beauty school that is beyond what the world thought cosmetology could have reached. Style Mobb University has become the home of knowledge and training for the beauty industry. It is more than simply a school, its status resides with the top Universities worldwide, and with its HBCU structure, SMU is the first and only of its kind. Style Mobb University is an experience in itself that hosts homecomings, student run programs and an official graduation ceremony. Tiffane Nicol and Kay Brown are responsible for founding the first beauty industry Sorority Sigma Omega Beta Baddies with a core foundation built on sisterhood, Professional Beauty Business, Anti-Beauty Bullying, and leadership.

Tiffane Nicol and Kay Brown have outdone themselves with the movement they’ve manifested with Style Mobb University. Get to know the female professionals that are changing the beauty game and channeling the loyalty, sisterhood, fun, passion, and commitment of the City Girls in a new light. What the City Girls are to music, The Beauty Girlz, Tiffane Nicol and Kay Brown are to cosmetology. Follow their socials and get in-depth with Style Mobb University and its future legacy.





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