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Money Boss Players, also known as MBP, is a five-man group of established recording artists with undeniable rap style, chemistry, and a resume filled with a-list collaborations. As the group ascends to the mainstream stratosphere, they release their best work yet in the compelling new album, Cop N’ Go.

Released on MBP Music/JBS Management, Money Boss Players’ latest release is the follow-up to their early 2022 album, Ghetto Chronicle Daily 1994, which included breakout song “What U Saying ’94,” and guest appearances by legendary acts John Forte and C-Dubb. Cop N’ Go includes 13 new tracks, signature production, and refreshing traditional rhymes. The album’s storytelling will reconnect fans with the classic hip-hop sound that made the genre the most influential essence in popular culture.

“With Cop N Go, you’ll be taken on a journey of sound and emotion that you won’t forget,” said the group in a press release. “Only true Hip-Hop can give you that.”

Built on a traditional sound, the project’s standout tracks are “Mind Body & Soul,” “I Like It,” and “Players Pinnacle.” On first listen, the latest album will surely stay in rotation for months to come. They explained:

Cop N Go is a classic hip-hop album that captures the raw energy and emotion of street life, sure to stay in your playlist for years to come.”

Formed in 2021, Money Boss Players consists of Lord Tariq, Eddie Cheeba, Trey Bag, Big AH, and Minnesota Money Boss. The group released their debut single in 2021 with “Walk With A Limp,” and released their debut album, Boss Money & Take Money, in 2022. Keep the momentum going, they released their new album, Boss Money Vol.1, shortly after Cop N Go.

Cop N’ Go is the perfect introduction for newfound fans as the group promises more new music to come throughout 2023, and a follow-up album, currently in development, as-yet-titled, slated for late 2023/early 2024 release. Until then, explore MBP’s complete catalog, available now on all streaming platforms.

Stream the full album below, and afterward, follow MBP daily on social media.