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Hot off the release of multiple masterpieces, Mr. Craig returns with news of his upcoming single, “So Elite” dropping on the 28th of July.

Born and raised in Jamaica Queens, NY Mr. Craig is living out his dreams as a multifaceted artist. Among other things, he is also a videographer, writer, and producer carving his legacy into the music industry. His latest offerings have been the buzz of the culture with authentic bars and the immersive storytelling of his craft. From his recent heartfelt personal full-length project “This Time It’s Personal,” to his single “Win” with Damplx along with the remixed version with DJ Pain1, Mr. Craig has been on fire.

Continuing to apply pressure on the rap game, Mr. Craig is already spinning the block with another banger to shake up the airwaves. This time catering to the lovers and soulmates holding each other down with that real unbreakable type of love. Aptly titled, “So Elite,” the track shows Mr. Craig laying smooth lyricism over the soulful beat like it was butter over fresh French toast. The hook has enchanted vocals that compel audiences to sing along like it was their favorite song, which it surely will be upon its release on the 28th of July.

Mr. Craig is passionate about his projects and goes the extra mile for his fans. Accompanying the track’s release is his clothing brand, So Elite T-shirts which will be available for women on his website. The single was inspired by a true story in Mr. Craig’s life, which gives fans an even greater connection to the song, the brand, and the artist himself.

Mr. Craig has the industry in a chokehold, and with his upcoming single, “So Elite” his hold on the game is only going to grow tighter. Follow his socials to stay up to date on the song’s release and other upcoming projects.




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