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Music comes to life through videos, and one of the best out there able to visualize a song perfectly, is Music Video Director, Krude.

Born and raised in Chicago, Keenan Kelly was able to learn the tricks of the directing trade from none other than Chicago’s very own, Azae. Having the opportunity to be taught the foundational knowledge under the wings of Azae production, his stage name, Krude became widespread as his talent gained recognition. With his personal brand, Krude Films, his vision and imagination were the catalyst for many great music videos with popular artists like Chief Wuk, OTF Boonie Moe, OTF Scrilla300, and V.I The Boss among others.

Krude held a diversified skill set when it came to directing; versatile in hip-hop, R&B and dancehall with the ability to tackle genres outside of their scope. His passion of telling stories and capturing the essence of the person before his lens, adds something different to every artist collaboration.

Still adding accolades into his legacy, Krude holds highly the accomplishment of being able to work with his cousin and musical talent, CrestIsMuzik. Due to Krude’s style and artistry, CrestIsMuzik has seen greater exposure in the industry alongside milestones like being verified across platforms because of Krude’s work. The two, already having a great rapport and track record, have come together again for the release of CrestIsMuzik’s upcoming music video, “Show Me You Love Me” scheduled for a November 18th release across platforms like Vevo, TIDAL and Apple Music. The song tells a heartfelt story and revolves around the subject of forgiveness. Knowing Krude’s genius and CrestIsMuzik’s reputation for musical greatness, fans are counting down the days until the music video’s release.

Stay up to date on all of Krude’s projects through his socials and feel free to get in contact through his website to collaborate.




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