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On the brink of her next LP’s release, Nicki Minaj faces unexpected turmoil. Slated to debut on Oct. 20, the album already rides the waves of anticipation stirred by its lead singles “Super Freaky Girl” and “Red Ruby Da Sleeze.” Amid finishing the project, Minaj grapples with disruptive occurrences after falling victim to swatting, according to TMZ.

An unexpected visit from the police punctuated the Trinidadian superstar’s day on Monday (June 5). It originated from an anonymous call to child services alleging abuse of Minaj’s toddler, Papa Bear, by the musician and husband, Kenneth Petty. Reportedly, around 6 p.m., law enforcement arrived at her home to investigate. Their inquiry revealed no harm to the child, raising suspicions of swatting — a deceptive practice of instigating a police response to a fake emergency.

Rather than letting this situation fade, the style icon seems determined to seek justice. Sources suggest that Minaj has enlisted legal professionals to unmask the culprits and hold them accountable.

On top of the incident, Minaj is also entangled in a lawsuit over purported damage to loaned jewelry. Though her attorney dismisses the lawsuit as a publicity scheme, the outcome remains uncertain for the Queen of Rap.

The unfounded child abuse report and the subsequent swatting attacks have yet to deter the “We Go Up” artist. As the rapper continues her path toward releasing her latest LP — her first since 2018’s Queen — her fans eagerly anticipate the music while keeping a close watch on these unfolding events.

In addition to her solo work, Nicki Minaj will treat listeners to another collaboration between her and Ice Spice next month, aptly titled “Barbie World.” The song was teased in the Barbie trailer as a part of the movie’s soundtrack. The pair previously teamed up for their remix of “Princess Diana,” which amassed a whopping 60 million views since it came out in April.

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