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On Sunday (June 11), Nicki shared a video showing off her “new boobs” via an Instagram video, where the rapper confidently showcased a fresh look while listening to her impending track, “Barbie World.”

Within the cascade of comments on the rapper’s post, she hinted at a possible surgical procedure with a cheeky remark, stating, “New boobs, who dis?” The statement corroborates the hints she dropped about a year ago, in May 2022, regarding her plans to downsize her breast size to an A cup.

During an Instagram Live session captured by The Shade Room, she shared a conversation in which a woman in the industry suggested she consider breast reduction surgery. The musician recalled her initial response as, “No, not yet.” However, she later conceded, “And yeah, she was right. I should’ve hurried up and took them off. A cup. It’s A cup season.”

Some fans were surprised by Minaj’s suspected transformation, while others, like JT from the City Girls, humorously lamented, “Nicki really left me solo with the big titties. That’s crazy!” However, the Queen of Rap remained focused on promoting her latest venture, “Barbie World.”

Her upcoming record, slated to debut on June 23, has already sparked significant interest following its announcement just days ago. The song carries a prominent sample from Aqua’s 1997 hit that shares the same title. It arrives in collaboration with Ice Spice as a part of the upcoming Barbie movie. Featuring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, it’s scheduled to hit the theaters in the following month.

Minaj and Ice Spice’s previous collaboration, “Princess Diana,” made it to the top five of the Billboard Hot 100 in April. Following the remarkable accomplishment, fans hold high expectations for the duo’s second endeavor.

In other news, the “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” hitmaker was recently a victim of swatting after police arrived at her door regarding false child abuse claims and a house fire. Fortunately, the rapper is fine, although reports suggest she is seeking legal help to uncover who made the calls.

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