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He speaks about losing a sister to cancer and his best friend in a tragic accident in the personal piece. Music relieves the mood and encourages, expresses feelings, and helps people communicate. And that’s exactly what you can expect from NoSleepCity’s latest release.

Following the triumph of his single “Mickey,” released in 2021, hip-hop artist NoSleepCity recently released his new single “Make a Way,” where the singer talks about overcoming depression and going through two significant losses in his life: his sister and his best friend.

NoSleepCity describes “Make a Way” as a “melodic song with a lot of feeling” and hopes it can help listeners get through difficult moments.

“My music is real and has a feeling I feel the world can relate to. Everyone goes through something”, he explains. 

NoSleepCity’s music is for Hip-hop fans of all ages, especially those who like melodic music from artists such as Rod Wave or Lil Durk. “Make a Way” opens with a soft, pleasant beat followed by NoSleepCity’s distinctive voice. The opening line, “So many times was trying to make a way,” will make you remember those tough and decisive moments where most people think, “what am I going to do with my life now?”, perfectly capturing the anxiety and uncertainty that follows.

NoSleepCity was playing basketball at Chicago Academy High School when he discovered his lyrical ability but didn’t take it seriously at first. At that time, he had no idea it would become his career. He has been making music consistently for the last seven years or so, and his most famous singles are “West Side Chicago” from 2013, “Party,” released in 2016, “TEC’” and “Flushin’,” both from 2018, “Sack,” 2020, and the latest “& Deep End Freestyle” from 2021. He also featured on the following platforms: VladTV, Power 92, and Say Cheese TV, among others. 

You can find “Make a Way” in NoSleep City’s TikTok profile (click here), also on Spotify and Apple Music. Speaking of which, the artist is very active on Social Media and, apart from TikTok, you can also check out more about him, his music, and his life on his Instagram, @nosleepcity. If you like profound, melodic, feel-good, relatable, and empowering hip-hop, then NoSleepCity should be your new go-to artist.

-Written by Amanda Estevez

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