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Old Man Brandon is working on two album releases, “A Song A Day” and “The Storyteller,” both arriving for his birthday on September 9th.

Brandon Jones is the 41-year-old prodigy chasing his passion on the mic and making dreams happen in the booth. Born in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, he moved to Illinois at an early age before making his way back to Florida at 12-years-old. Since his childhood music has fascinated his young mind. Brandon couldn’t resist picking up the mic himself to practice his craft. Unfortunately, not everyone was as enthusiastic towards his dreams of becoming an artist as he was. In fact, Brandon faced ridicule and doubts from friends and family about his talent. At 13 years old, that weighed upon his mind, discouraging him at first, but ultimately, it inspired him to push, to practice, to get better, to achieve the same dreams they frowned upon.

Under his first alias, he attained many accolades. He not only collaborated with legendary Emcees, but he was also showing out his talent in other top avenues like lead roles in films and a popular YouTube channel. He was doing everything he said he would. On top of that, he got to the level where he was able to fund a mainstream album. Although it took a toll financially, he attained something few independent artists could. In time, his life saw a new light of salvation through God and he was saved.

New beginnings were on the horizon and with a change in name to Old Man Brandon, he released new music like his album “Therapy Tapes” which arrived earlier this year stealing the spotlight with many giving the project its roses online. Following its success, Old Man Brandon got to work on his two-album project releasing on September 9th, 2022.  The name was ringing bells. It was unique, clever, witty, boastful yet humble. Originally brainstorming for something that fit into those criteria, his girlfriend grew tired and uttered the statement “you’ll figure it out old man.” Right then and there, something clicked, as if the name chose him and then they chose each other. It was destiny. Old Man Brandon was born, and his legacy was on the rise.

Now living in Orlando, Florida, he continues to create meaningful music that not only acts as his own personal therapy to vent, but also provides healing and comfort for others. Old Man Brandon’s music touches on important and sometimes taboo topics that need to be brought to the masses. From mental illness, to PTSD, anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder, his songs are a daily recurrence in the lives of fans and strangers alike. Old Man Brandon brings comfort in times where no one sees your struggle. He’s endured and overcome, and he uses his music to impact all who listens positively, letting them know they’re not alone through their woes in the dark.

Old Man Brandon enjoys his passion and intends to make it known with the coming of his birthday on September 9th where he will release two albums. The first falls under the title, “A Song A Day” and will be a personal memoir of his emotions, and personal life where he crafts songs that detail issues heavy on his thoughts, mental health, the impact of God in his life, and deep expressions from his heart. The project is like a journal but on wax that fans can see themselves in and find hope within every track. The second body of work goes by the title, “The Storyteller” and was a long album in the making. Old Man Brandon has been longing to take the project from concept to recording for about a decade but was too intimidated to face the depth and creativity of the project. Fans will finally be able to get their hands on something dearer to his heart than any album before.

Given the level of talent Old Man Brandon has achieved, the double album is sounding like two classics out the gate. Tap in and be sure not to miss when they drop for his birthday on September 9th.


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