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Amid speculation regarding the status of their relationship, Pardison ‘Pardi’ Fontaine has shared a video of him reciting a poem that appears to be dedicated to Megan Thee Stallion.

In the video, Pardi addressed the “beautiful women” in the audience before stating that his poetry is about “another beautiful woman that I know.” He didn’t name Megan directly, but it comes after fans noticed they’re no longer following each other on Instagram.

“You’re a survivor, but not a victim,” he said. “Somewhere in between. God forgive ‘em, and I gotta get ‘em. That’s why you don’t never let these bitches get you out your rhythm. You treat these n****s like they buy one get one. You out here working keep your mind off hurting. Your to-do list is buying candles, shop for curtains. Find your purpose. You in your bag not just Birkins. You know your happiness cannot be purchased. It’s deeply rooted and not just surface. Your dream ain’t big enough if you think about it and not get nervous. If you need me girl I’m at your service.”

While he stopped short of naming Megan in the poem, Pardi did appear to make reference to the subject of the poem being a survivor, as Megan was in the shooting by Tory Lanez. “You want the penthouse suite with all the amenities. You want acknowledgment for your bravery, not sympathy,” he continued. “You wanna be held tight and kissed gently. You wanna be free to be yourself without penalty. You want that chemistry. You wanna really be heard and not just pretend to be. You want what you deserve. You want the actions to out do the words. Chakras aligned you at one with the universe. You wanna celebrate without occasion. Dim restaurant, lit conversation. You a tequila kinda girl if I’m not mistaken. I pay attention to detail little observations.”

The two have yet to publicly speak on the status of their relationship, but the poem could be construed as an attempt to win back Megan, with whom Pardi has been in a relationship with since 2020. He previously shot down speculation they had separated back in early 2022. The post also comes as Tory Lanez has been denied a new trial motion in the shooting case. In response, he asked the judge to “not ruin my life.”