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There are only two options in life, either make progress or make excuses. Everyone is given the same 24-hours in a day; make the most of each minute and watch your dreams come to fruition. To become great, you must first speak it into existence.

Lil Don Young Boss is a 22-year-old rapper born in Memphis, Tennessee. While vacationing overseas, he met his soulmate and later moved to Neuchâtel – Switzerland, where he got married and settled down. After getting over the initial culture shock of living in a new country, he uncovered a creative spark, a sure-fire way to shine a light on his music.

The young boss set a challenging goal to release a new music video every week for an entire year. I’m talking full-production eye-catching movies that’ll have you glued to the tube. Paris Edition is a 7-part collection of videos, shot on location in La Ville Lumière (City of Lights). Check out the latest installment titled Flooring, now available on YouTube. Subscribe to the channel and check out the first 25 videos dating back to December 2020.

For more music-related news and business inquiries, you can follow Lil Don on Instagram @lildonyoungboss. Also, be sure to visit the official website for a more in-depth look into the young artist.

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