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It’s been a long road, albeit a carefully considered and well-paced one, but Potter Payper’s debut album, Real Back In Style, has finally been released. To coincide with the album’s launch, Potter also released an animated visualiser for the latest single and album closer, “White Ash”, which follows “Blame Brexit”, “Multifaceted” and “Corner Boy”.

Fans have been waiting for an album from Potter Payper for some time, but the release schedule he chose with the 0207 Def Jam team makes total sense. Training Day 3 concluded the trilogy of mixtapes he started all those years ago, Thanks For Waiting was the appetiser, and now, with all that out of the way, we have his official debut album.

Unfortunately, Potter’s currently behind bars for now, but by all accounts, that’s a temporary hiccup and he’ll be back sooner rather than later to pick up where he left off. In the meantime, there’s a lot to digest on this new 15-track collection, not least the fact that there’s not one single featured artist, a return to the format he favoured for his mixtapes (save for Thanks For Waiting).

Production-wise, however, he’s called on a relatively large team, including some pretty big hitters in the rap world. Credits on the album go to Harry Fraud, Chucks, Quincy, R14, GX, 169, Jason Julian, Kyle Evans, EMIL, KZ, Aaronorage, EY, Age, Harry Beech, Kieran Nash, Fumes Beats, Westy, and Joe Stanley. 

Hit play on the “White Ash” visualiser at the mid-point and then get into Real Back In Style below.