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Episode 3 of Power Book IV: Force Season 2, titled “War & Ice Cream”, began the slow burn on two major questions that could turn the entire season on its ear. The first comes from a pivotal event from last season, the second from a turn of events that went down last episode. Tommy is at the center of both of these issues and the pushing and pulling that his character goes through this episode was orchestrated very well. The people involved will not stop until they get answers and when that happens, it will certainly cause fireworks among the main factions that comprise the series.

The aftermath of the girl being gunned down in a failed attempt to kill Tommy last episode also causes ripple effects on several fronts, within and outside the law. The rifts within the Flynn family continue to build, with Vic and Claudia becoming two of the more interesting characters lurking in the background for now. Another extremely interesting and entertaining character arc is that of Jenard, his time on the streets of Chicago being more and more fraught with danger and impossible choices.

This episode may have been a little lighter on action than the previous two, but what it lacked in that department, it more than made up for in outstanding character development and setting things in motion that will cause plenty of violence in the installments to come. The season almost needed a break in the full-speed ahead action in order to set up these subplots, like tossing grenades behind the main story – silent for a short while before the enormous explosion that swallows the entire screen.. 

Power Book IV: Force Season 2 is streaming on the Starz Network.

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