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“As Christians, we must learn to live in the world, but be not a part of it,” words of lyrical rapper Prince Lit that inspired his single, “Wi-Fi.”

Coming out of Colorado, gifted rapper Prince Lit has been grinding to solidify his place in hip-hop. His mother was a poetess, and this talent for wordplay and rhyming sprouted in him at the young age of 6. Those poems did more than feed his love for lyricism, they became an outlet for his life, and at his lowest, was what he sold to get food.

With time, Prince Lit’s pen game evolved with witty similes and metaphors as an artist. Influenced by geniuses like J Cole and Kendrick Lamar, along with mentorship from Top Flight Empire and active collaborator DJ Kush, Prince Lit was unstoppable. Since his first concert at City Hall in 2015, he has worked with Cheff Premier and recorded in popular Denver studios like KMG Studios and Decibel Garden Studios.

Recently, Prince Lit released his new single, “Wi-Fi” which symbolizes the connectivity of the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit living within his promise to be with us for eternity. Prince Lit spits rhymes in peak form, painting the reality of who Jesus Christ is – the one true savior. “Wi-Fi” is a message, that one day the body of Christ – the church – will be raptured as part of His body in the flesh. Prince Lit urges Christians to stay vigilant, for the devil hungers for souls, and it’s of utmost importance to cling to the word of God so salvation will be yours when the trumpets sound and God bursts the skies for his people.

“Wi-Fi” is unique, fresh, and purposeful. Stream the new single and check out the visuals dedicated to encouraging all to seek the Lord of Glory and Father of peace.


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