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What up gang. Back with the real you know what’s the deal. Rap has steadily worked its way into becoming what is believed to be one of the most dangerous careers. It’s closing steel doors and throwing away keys and snatching souls like the Grim Reaper. We’ve seen many losses over the years, but 2022 was a bloody year for hip-hop. From beef turning violent, to assassinations, to backdoors, hip-hop lost far too many rappers. These are the rappers from different cities that didn’t make it to 2023 and how they passed. Let’s chop it up and break it down. (0:00-0:31) (0:27-0:50) (0:01-0:50) (0:00-0:38) (0:19-0:47) (0:19-0:44) (0:17-0:37) (0:00-0:17) (0:00-0:12) (0:00-0:13) (0:10-0:24)

Number one on the list FBG Cash from Chicago.

Chicago Drill Rapper FBG Cash Killed, Woman Hospitalized After Shooting In  Auburn Gresham

February 21st 2022, FBG Cash went on to disrespect the death of the highly respected Chiraq Demon, Kon Von by posting a pic at his mural with a fiddle finger along with the caption “Whole World Witnessed Yo Main Sniper Get His Shyt Splack”

March 18th 2022 Von’s evil twin Smurkio Durkio 

dropped the scorching banger “Computer Murderers” directing some bars on FBG Cash head top “Sneakin pics by Von mural like lil bro won’t come out and spin” (0:17-0:28) FBG Cash wasn’t going to ease up the gas and doubled down the disrespect, flipping Durk track into a diss and ion gon lie, bro was talking that talk fr dissing everything moving once they connected to Durk (0:21-0:32) (0:00-0:31)

June 10th 2022, FBG Cash got caught lackin with the good ole “set him up with a baddie” trick. He made the mistake of being in a vehicle at 5:30am with a shawty in the 1600 block of W. 81st Street. Reports state that a black four-door sedan pulled up with a opp hopping out upping the pole on em before skrtting off (0:00-0:19) Both Cash and his female companion was hit multiple times, but Cash unfortunately was pronounced dead at Christ Hospital


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Photos would begin circulating online of Cash wet up on the grass and being taken away

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Word on the street is that Cash was the one that popped shawty before he went out when he realized shawty set him up. Rico Recklezz 

Stream RICO RECKLEZZ X ICONIC CHRONIC by daveeaves.mp3 by TrapBoy Renzo |  Listen online for free on SoundCloud

backs up the rumor and also says he talked to Cash that day when he was in the Raq with the Draco and he was tryna tell him go back to Houston and focus on music and leave the Raq, but bro didn’t listen (2:03-3:37)

Next is LottaCash Desto of Memphis

Lil Uzi Vert's artist Lotta Cash Desto dies following the recent shooting  in Texas - SSiTV Africa

The young female rapper was taking off off with the release of her Lil Uzi Vert assisted track “Lunchroom” September 24th 2022, Destinee Govan aka LottaCash Desto, was in the 5500 block of Richmond Avenue at around 2:40am with a female friend. That’s when police say they stopped behind a dark, four-door vehicle at a traffic light not knowing it was the opps orchestrating their plot. Two male bangers popped out the dark with and walked down on Desto and the female passenger, murking Desto and injuring the girl she was with, but not before Desto had bussed back, hitting one of the opps.

A woman is dead, two other people are injured after a triple shooting in west Houston on Saturday morning. 

Police would arrive at the scene to find an already passed Desto but luckily the female passenger was found alive and saved.

A screenshot of a computer

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In a parking lot close by, cops found one of the shooters, Christian Isaiah Williams with a gunshot wound to the abdomen from Desto. He was charged with the body while they continue looking for the second hitter.

What’s crazy is that later it was revealed, the new suspect arrested for orchestrating Young Dolph’s hit was Desto’s father

and what he posted online, hints that she was taken out because of his actions that got Dolph murked


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Before he was locked, he showed love to Uzi for doing the Eulogy at LottaCash Desto funeral (1:11-1:43)

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It seems being in the spot or in the whip with a shawty has become dangerous, and the next rapper who passed in 2022, found himself in a similar position. Atlanta rapper, Trouble

June 5th 2022, Trouble was at a shawty apartment in Conyers, an Eastern Suburb in the A. Shawty ex Jamichael Jones 

Trouble's Alleged Killer In Police Custody Thanks To Help From Suspect's Mother

was one of them dudes that if he can’t have her then nobody can. He pulled up to her apartment. According to the paperwork, from there Jones allegedly pimp slabbed his ex shawty waking up Trouble in the process. They got into a scuffle but when dude realize he ain’t want it with Trouble, he upped the pole, hitting Trouble in the chest before skedaddling away like a coward. Deputies discovered Trouble laying on the floor when they arrived at the apartment and rushed him to a local hospital where he unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.

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The internet was in shambles and took out their rage on the female that had Trouble at the crib, going as far as threatening her life. Most seeing her bringing Trouble into a home that was allegedly shared with her recent obsessive ex as the reason his life was ended.

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Atlanta lost one of the realest that day.

Jones was apparently a Brick Squad rapper

and was arrested to face charges of home invasion, felony murder, and aggravated assault (0:23-1:12)

Next, JayDaYoungan of Louisiana 

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July  27th 2022, just before 6 p.m. police received a call about a shooting in the 600 block of Superior Avenue. 

A car parked on the side of a road

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When they arrived, one victim, 24-year-old JayDaYoungin was already rushed to the ER in critical condition. A second victim, his pops Kenyatta Scott, Sr., was reported as critically wounded and treated on scene by EMS, then transported to the ER just as his son (0:19-0:47)

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The wounds were as a result of the opps sliding on JaDaYoungin at his Bogalusa, Louisiana home. He was outside kicking it with his recognizable blue corvette in the driveway, 

UPDATE: JayDaYoungan Car Spotted In Drive Way; Crime Scene Moments After  Shooting Happened - YouTube

when they pulled up and it is believed a shootout took place because the cops later found an abandoned bullet riddled whip (0:02-0:28) Doctors tried their best but JaDaYoungin was too far gone to bring back and succumbed to his injuries leaving all the incentive needed for the spinning to begin, which left people docking for their lives and shots rained down (2:04-2:25)


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Authorities would label his murking as a result of rap and gang beef (1:10-1:31)

Brooklyn’s grimy drill scene saw the loss of the next rapper, TDott Woo

Tdott Woo shot dead: Rapper killed in Canarsie shooting almost exactly two  years after friend Pop Smoke 'murdered' | The Sun

The rapper was a promising talent next to take over with his homie Pop Smoke 

💫Pop Smoke & Tdott Woo 💫 : r/PopSmoke

But he would lose his life joining his woo brother in woo heaven. February 1st 2022, Tahjay Dobson aka TDott Woo was outside his home on Avenue L in Canarsie, a residential area in Brooklyn, when the opps saw their moment and took it. TDott was reportedly shot in the head. 

He was rushed to Brookdale Hospital Medical Center, where he lost the fight for his life before he could even enjoy his new label deal (0:19-0:44)


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The next rapper was just a youngin when his life was snuffed. 15-year-old UK rapper Huntz

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Thursday 4th August 2022, eyewitnesses report seeing a commotion involving upwards of 50-70 teenagers at a Highbury Fields, North London park. Reports state there was a commotion between the rival groups which broke out into a brawl, leaving one wounded. An eyewitness said she saw Huntz get shanked and chased down as he tried to run away and fell down


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At around 9pm, a heartbreaking scene of what knife violence and gangs have done to the youth can be seen as police officers 

No arrests have been made

held lil bro hands trying to tell him he’s going to be ok while all Huntz could shout was “I’m dying”


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Paramedics did what they could at the scene and transported him to the hospital to try save his life, but the youth didn’t make it

Forensics were gathering evidence at the crime scene in north London on Friday

Next, Miami rapper, Wavy Navy Pooh

Rapper Wavy Navy Pooh killed in drive-by shooting in Miami

January 14th 2022, A police patrol caught what sounded like a battlefield of fire on their dash cam (0:00-0:08) That was from the opps raining down on Wavy Navy Pooh when they caught him at a traffic light. What’s messed up is that bro had a woman, a 1 year old and a 5 year old in the whip and they still wasn’t letting up. Reports state that a gray Lexus drove up to his vehicle, opened fire, then drove off westbound on 152nd Street

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Luckily, Big Man Upstairs was working overtime that day and the woman and both children came out unharmed. Sadly, the same couldn’t be said for Wavy Navy Pooh (0:10-0:58)

Next on the list, The late Philly icon, PnB Rock

PnB Rock Dead: Shot & Killed in Los Angeles – Billboard

September 12th, 2022, Pnb Rock and his shawty made a crave error thinking as a celebrity they could hit up anywhere to eat. It’s messed up, but once you that big you need to start adjusting where you are and the company you keep else it may result in your life being targeted. That’s exactly what happened when PnB Rock and his girl decided to go to Roscoe’s House of Chicken ’N Waffles restaurant in LA. A stepmother, son, and father were lurking in the cut scheming to make a lick, but who knew it would end in such a tragic way. Reports state that around 1pm, a man entered the restaurant where PnB Rock and his shawty were eating and demanded PnB to hand over his jewelry. PnB probably wasn’t going for it which led bro to forcibly take what he came for after upping the pole and hitting PnB. Still, he wasn’t satisfied and tried to rob his girl too but had to dip before he could do anything else.

All 3 goofies were caught. The pops and son were charged with one count of murder, two counts of second-degree robbery and one count of conspiracy to commit robbery. 

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The wife and stepmom was charged with accessory after the fact to the body


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all for some jewelry they won’t ever enjoy (0:00-0:12)

And the two most honorable of mentions I got to pay respects to. First to The Rocketman Takeoff even if ATL was already mentioned in the list because, well because that’s Take

14 Lyrical Moments That Proved The Late Rapper Takeoff Was A Force

November 1st, 2022, Takeoff and Quavo was at a private party at the 810 Billiards & Bowling in Houston center off San Jacinto Street and Dallas Street

810 Billiards & Bowling | Things To Do in Houston, TX

The party was hosted by J Prince Jr

Love & Hip Hop Houston cast members, social media links *

but after everything was over, things went left. Dudes were shooting dice when Quavo allegedly realized the dice was loaded and that sparked a back and forth (0:35-1:42) Shortly after 2:30am a gunshot sounded off, followed by a round of other shots that sent the crowd scattering in a panic (1:15-1:21) Three persons were injured in the attack, but one was unresponsive lying in a pool of blood on the floor – Takeoff. He was wounded in his head, torso, and arm, ending his life at the scene (0:00-0:13)

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And the last honorable mention,  Memphis very own Mr RR Big Scarr

Gucci Mane rapper protege Big Scarr dead at 22

December 21st 2022, the year ended in the worse way when Big Scarr was reported to have passed away.

Many speculations began circulating but it was later confirmed that his battle with prescription pills came to an end when he OD’d

A person wearing a hat

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Scarr was living through a lot and the pills helped him cope, sad that he had to go this way when he had such a promising career ahead of him (1:39-1:57)

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So there you have it. Thanks for kicking it with yah boy, appreciate the love and support. If you’d like me to do a part II to the vid, just say the word and I got ya’ll. RIP to all those who couldn’t join us in 2023. Catch ya’ll in the next one. Peace up and peace out.

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