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Rap is a form of artistic expression that never ceases to amaze its listeners such that you can hardly walk through a neighborhood without hearing Rap music blasting from one corner. 

This genre of music began as something that rappers only influence a particular neighborhood and now it has evolved to a level where rappers influence neighborhoods across the world, including fashion and trends.

One interesting fact about Rap is that it appeals to every person, culture, and age, both old and young. Initially, Rap was seen as boring but with the influence of Kurtis Blow, Coke La Rock, and DJ Kool Herc fondly called the ‘Fathers of Rap’, Rap became popular. As of today, Rap has evolved into subgenres like hip-hop but has Rap been able to impact pop culture? Yes, and to find out more information about this, carefully read through the paragraphs below.

The Theme of Rap Music

Rap music began in the early 1970s with DJs speaking over or after songs and carrying the crowd along at block parties. The lyrics of the songs would be rhymed throughout the song rather than singing along to excite the crowd. Initially, rap had the disco feel but by the ’80s it became more of a personalized style with each rapper dictating their style and adding the hip-hop feel.

Rap music was widely accepted in the ’80s because the song aggressively addressed trending issues such as black social movements, gangsterism, drug wars, and other rebellious activities that were rampant at the time. Rap music started as being more lyrical with audible words like a poem or a song that listeners can sing along but it’s no longer like that anymore.

New rappers emerged and decided to take Rap music to the next level, “mumble rap”. Rappers use a slow and mumble voice to rap words and this has almost changed what Rap used to be before now. Mumble rap promotes sex, drugs, nudity, violence, and all dirty stuff that shouldn’t be heard and watched by young ones.  

On the other side of the Rap music divide, some rappers have through their musical art of storytelling become a voice for those unheard by sharing their opinions and thoughts on racism, social discrimination, poverty, and other horrible life experiences.

The Fashion Styles of Rappers

Rap music started on the street and it’s still on the streets but this time around, it has a completely different style and culture. Rap music has changed the street culture from what it used to be before to what we have now with Rappers appearing in a certain style and manner.

Rappers took fashion to a new feat when they started putting on baggy jeans, crazy jeans, torn shirts, leather jackets, gold chains, oversized t-shirts, bucket hats, tattoos, and the like.

No sooner than these became a trend and style most especially among the younger generation and a few adults, brands started collaborating with rappers to bring out exclusive fashion and design. Some popular Rappers have also decided to take fashion just as seriously as their rap career by launching their fashion brands such as Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith and others.

Fans became fascinated and felt a sense of belonging as they wore sneakers, clothes, and accessories that are endorsed by rappers. This blend of fashion style and rap music has changed the street culture from what we had then to what we have now thus giving rise to new trends, brands, and designs.

The Lifestyle of Rappers

From the time Rap music became a personalized style with a feel of hip-hop, Rappers started to reflect their personalities and character traits more in both their music and lifestyle in general. 

Rappers through their music have sort of influenced the beliefs and opinions of people by promoting what they feel and think about life.

Some of the messages they pass across to their audience both through their songs and lifestyle have promoted peace, equity, confidence, and love for some however, these belong to the minority. The majority, on the other hand, have promoted illegal possession of drugs, use of hard drugs, smoking, drinking, and sex.

Rappers are now mostly associated with drug addicts, alcoholics, and mentally unstable people because of their gibberish lyrics, and flamboyant spending. It is so unfortunate that the lifestyle of some rappers portrays negativity yet millions of young ones are trolling their footsteps.

It is worthy of note that not some rappers are not only promoting their music but also contributing and giving back to society by promoting NGOs, donating to needy children, and developing rural areas in their own little way.


The widespread influence of Rap over the years has affected trends, fashion, street culture, and style. Rappers have through their lifestyle, messages, and fashion sense changed society because everyone everywhere listens to Rap either accidentally or intentionally. Hopefully, the trends of rap music would get better to change the portrayed bad image because Rappers are one of the biggest world influencers.

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