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Another day, another hilarious story involving 50 Cent. 

Ray J recently visited The Breakfast Club to tell an epic story of that one time he was in the middle of a pitch meeting with 50 Cent, who decided to take a dump.

The 42-year-old states he’s had multiple conversations with 50 Cent, but this one was a standout. 


“One conversation me and Jackie [Long] had with 50, [he] was moving around. I don’t know if he didn’t like our idea, or he liked it and he was just like, ‘I gotta get it in before I get on the plane.’”

Before Ray J continues, he gives a disclaimer: “Fif, don’t be mad at me” – proceeding to state that 50 had taken a shit in the middle of their virtual meeting.

“We on FaceTime, Jackie Long set it up, and 50 took a dump on the meeting that I had when I was in a pitch,”  Ray J explains. “He went in and just did it. I don’t know if he liked the idea, like the idea was wack and just shitted on it.”

While Ray J made it a point that he wasn’t 100% sure 50 took this dump, he made his assumptions on the situation. 

At this point, Charlamagne adds his two cents, stating it probably wasn’t the best look for Ray J to be putting 50’s business on blast.

But Ray J ultimately twisted it into a positive. 

“To me, I felt it was gangster. It was like, we got little homied. It felt like we got little homied in the meeting because maybe the idea wasn’t good.” 

Ray J also added that 50 Cent is busy, so it’s understandable. But during a conversation? 

Let’s see if 50 cares enough to respond!