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When an artist is passionate about their music, you can hear it in the work they create and produce. That inner drive fuels their hunger and dedication each day, pushing them to new heights.

Resaan Makai is a 27-year-old artist/entrepreneur from New York who started rapping and making music sometime in 2011. During the last couple of years, he’s been making a name for himself in the music circuit by dropping new tracks and promoting himself at every opportunity.

Early this year, during an interview with MusicXclusives TV, Resaan
talked about how he got started making music and even dropped an exclusive freestyle for everyone in attendance.

Resaan Makai

His most successful release in 2019 was a song entitled, Make a Move, produced by Banbwoi. With over 101,000 plays on Soundcloud, it’s clear that Resann knows how to connect with his audience by making music that can stand the test of time and deliver replay value.

His most current release, Heartfelt Desire ft. Terrance Frost looks to be headed in the right direction as well, with close to 6,000 plays in about 30 days.

With 2020 on the horizon, we can’t wait to see what Resaan Makai has in store for us this coming year. Be sure to check him out on Soundcloud and follow him @resaanmakai on Instagram for more music-related news.

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