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As a jazz violinist, a music producer/composer, and a music video director Mileisy M is about as multi-talented as it comes. With her newest release, ‘Unboxed Doll’, the versatile musician shows how adept she is at concocting stunning, genre-defying works of art – all while paying tribute to the various artists who have inspired her. 

Unpacking the beauty of Mileisy M’s music

In the playfulness and inventiveness of ‘Unboxed Doll’, Mileisy M appears to challenge the very idea of genres – which can sometimes ‘box’ artists in. Mileisy’s multiskilled, multidisciplined approach to music sees her weave everything from jazz to classical elements – as well as hip-hop and electronic strands – into her music. 

In the past, Mileisy has highlighted the fact that, in today’s world, modern music does not have one dominating genre, meaning that musicians like her are more inclined to gain inspiration from multiple genres. In discussing her music, the artist has pointed to the “fluidity” of genres – and how it has given her encouragement when it comes to not allowing herself to be boxed in. 

The result is an incredibly dramatic, dynamic new single – one that is unique, even in today’s modern world of genre-hopping. 

‘Unboxed Doll’ begins with a throbbing hip-hop-esque skittering bass line, which is interwoven with short, arresting bursts of violin playing. 

But Mileisy M doesn’t stop there. Indeed, as the song progresses, the artist builds layer upon layer within the structure of the music – as if seeing how much creativity she can load it. 

Within the first minute alone, we’re treated to racing sitar sounds, which serve as an interesting complement to the violin. 

After this, two sparing sets of rap verses are introduced, helping to fill the song out and take it in yet another new direction. These verses, though brief, serve to highlight Mileisy M’s full command over her music, as well as her appreciation and understanding of the hip-hop genre. Worth noting is the refrain of “Make a hit that’s timeless”, which could well be a hint at Mileisy M’s own ambitions with her music. 

There are more twists and turns in this song before it finishes. A scuzzy electric guitar sound reverberates during the halfway point, before giving way to the song’s dramatic climax.

Here, we’re treated to everything from operatic harmonizing to a tight jazz solo, to a virtuoso violin solo, to a melodic piano solo, and even to the faint sounds of what could well be a gospel-chamber choir in the background. 

Rising Talented Music Producer And Jazz Artist Mileisy M. Shares Otherworldly New Single ‘Unboxed Doll’

If all that makes you wonder whether this song is best suited for a smoky jazz bar, a church, a club, or an opera house, the truth is that it would probably be at home in all four – and that’s part of the beauty of Mileisy M’s music. 

The main thing to say about this song is that it provokes strong emotions, takes you on a multi-genre journey – and does it all while constantly keeping you guessing. 

How did ‘Unboxed Doll’ come to be? 

Like most of Mileisy M’s music, ‘Unboxed Doll’ came about because of the artist wanting to explore and create new sounds around with genres. The artist has stated that she takes courage from the fact that most critics don’t find her music to be conventional, saying that it has helped her find her own freedom and create a niche for herself where she can work in her own, individual way. 

More generally, “Unoxed Doll” song takes inspiration from some of hip-hop’s biggest names, citing the likes of Afrika Bambaataa, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur (2Pac) N.W.A., Dr. Dre, Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five and Wu-Tang Clan as influences.  The solo sax improvisations evoke jazz legends such as John Coltrane and Charlie Parker during the solo improvisation session.  

It is this cross-pollination of different genres that have helped Mileisy M stand out on the music scene – and helped her gain an ever-growing reputation in the industry. With songs like ‘Unboxed Doll’, Mileisy is proving to fans, followers, and music industry experts that she’s much more than just a conventional jazz artist. 

As her song will no doubt has suggested by now, the artist enjoys playing multiple roles within her work as a musician. She’s dabbled in everything from music production to video direction and has also set her own course as an entrepreneur. 

Mileisy M honed her musical craft while being taught directly by Detroit jazz violinist Regina Carter, who is one of the most renowned jazz artists in the music industry. 

As well as having released ‘Unboxed Doll’, Mileisy has produced numerous other songs, including ‘Decisions’, ‘Pass Out Now Alive’ (inspired by a near-death experience), and ‘Nosotros’. She also directed the music videos for these songs. 

Additionally, Mileisy M has collaborated with other well-known figures in the music industry, including Grammy winners Arturo O’Farill and bassist John Benitez, as well as Yamaha’s artist-in-residence Martha Mooke, alongside many others.

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