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What up gang. Back with the real you know what’s the deal. Bronx a whole gumbo of gangs no lie. This set linked with that set then that set beefing with this set then this set that linked up with that set have a falling out so now they no longer cool but beefing each other. It’s crazy how easy friendships are crumbling. Feds already on Bronx drill rappers top, so the internal beef is just further destroying the whole movement. Case in point is Sha Ek and SugarHill. (0:00-0:12) (12:23-12:53) (0:33-1:30) (0:33-0:45) (0:28-0:52) (0:48-0:52) (0:37-0:46) (0:02-0:16) (6:41-6:47) (1:57-2:15) (0:00-0:25) (0:40-1:03) (0:45-1:11)

They were cool forming the OYOGz, but now it’s mad disrespect dissing each of their dead mans and putting paws on each other like they wasn’t just brothers a while ago and locked in for life. How in the hell did it get here? Did a death in the gang cause everything to fall apart? Things looking like it’s going to end badly if the level of disrespect keeps up. Let’s chop it up and break it down.

Chalim Perry aka Sha EK aka Jiggyman is one of the Bronx Drill pioneers and he stands on that with pride (1:52-2:03) 

Sha Ek | Wikitubia | Fandom

He always been with it when it comes to coming at the opps neck on wax, bro be attacking the beat mercilessly. Just listen “D&D” with Blockwork 

Sha EK been with it and the recognition was reaching into conversations with the big players of the industry. Sure enough he signed a record deal with Warner Records securing the big bag (5:29-6:08)

You’d think it’s settle down time and adjust into the new found fame and music artist life, but Sha EK still lives up to his name – Everything Killer

Stream Sha Ek - Talk 2 Me by Smerlin 23 | Listen online for free on  SoundCloud

Even with all the ganging, he was cool with the OYs nem in SugarHill. 

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The OYs are the Original Young Gangsters also known as the Original Youngins. Sha EK was tight with man like SugarHill Ddot,

Stream SugarHill DDot - Everything K (Feat. DD Osama x BlockWork) by Mean®  | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Notti Osama, 

15-year-old charged with murder in kid's fatal NYC subway stabbing

Notti’s bro DD Osama

DD Osama | Spotify

SugarHill Keem, 

Stream SUGARHILL KEEM - WHAT YA ON by YO LIXS | Listen online for free on  SoundCloud

SugarHill Sensei, 

⭕️Y⭕️GZ YFT Sensei x SugarHillMel - Caution , The Beat Structure Is Crazy  and Sensei Underated 😤 : r/NYStateOfMind

all of em. Sha EK repped OGz and together they formed one hell of a movement, the OYOGz. At that point they seemed unstoppable, the Bronx drill was theirs for the taking and out of the alliance was bangers after bangers. 

In his song “D&D” with OY affiliate Blockwork, Sha EK can be heard at the end shouting out the man dem OYOGz (2:24-2:29) They was locked in fasho, but that lifestyle comes with losses, and the losses will tear what appeared to be a lifetime friendship apart. 

Just before 3pm on July 9th 2022, 14-year-old Notti Osama and two friends were walking at 137th Street and Broadway when they came across his opp, Martinez, who went into the train station to catch an uptown train. Reports claim Notti and Martinez knew each other and were associates of rival gangs that had a series of escalations in the weeks leading up to the altercation.


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Notti grabbed a broomstick and him and the gang chased Martinez into the station where they cornered him at the north end of the platform where they started putting in work on ole boi. Martinez wasn’t going and pulled out the rambo, shanking Notti in the abdomen.


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Notti suffered a punctured liver and succumbed to his injuries while EMS was rushing to get him to the hospital (0:18-1:13)


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OYOGz was hurting, 


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but none more than Notti’s brother DD Osama (6:22-6:40) (1:11-1:25)

E4N by DJ Chieffaholic feat. DD Osama & Edot Baby on Amazon Music Unlimited

You know the opps was waiting, and they was ready to poke fun at their dead mans, no pun intended. Kyle Richh 

kyle richh in 2022 | Drip fits, Nyc, Mens fitness

dropped off the highly disrespectful track “Notti Bop” featuring Tata 

TaTa Official - YouTube

and Jenn Carter

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The lyrics came with a dance that imitated Notti being shanked (0:33-0:50) To add insult to injury, it went viral on tik tok tricking innocent civilians into mimicking the dance not knowing it was disrespecting OYOGz dead mans. From kids to teachers, NBA players to even the cops, everybody was getting in on the action (0:49-1:03) (0:00-0:14) 

Sha EK wasn’t going to stand for anyone disrespecting anyone from OYOGz and let it be known he ain’t jackin the trend mocking Notti (0:28-0:52) Sha EK was prepared to stretch somn if he caught anyone Notti Boppin


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That was the first blow to OYOGz, one more straw would break the camel’s back. This brings us to OY affiliate Edot Baby 

BIG BANK EDOT💰 (@edotbaby) / Twitter

He was their mans for real but later that same year Notti passed, Edot would also lose his life by way of alleged suicide. Fans and the whole OYOGz was hurting (0:58-1:15)

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Sha EK would hop on the dedication track to Edot Baby “LLKD” with Dudey Lo 

Stream DudeyLo - No Hook by Unreleased2Heat ✪ | Listen online for free on  SoundCloud

and 41 Heemy

where he said the legendary line “OYOG we locked in for life” (0:45-0:52) Sha EK and SugarHill repped heavy in the video, that’s why no one would expect what was about to happen next. Before Edot Baby passed, it was like OYOGz was inseparable. When SugarHill Keem got locked for allegedly getting caught flashing the pole online 

His moms posted online confirming he was in Rikers and she was scared they would take his life cause on the streets they were gunning for his head too

Still, it was vibes with the guys, even with Keem in high spirits behind bars (0:00-0:45) Before Edot passed and Keem went inside, they were all living it up. On his final night outside Keem and OYOGz linked up and had a night to remember. Everyone was basically like family at this point (1:25-1:41) (7:06-7:12) (8:36-8:45) (12:23-12:53)

I Dont Have Friends I Have Family GIF - I Dont Have Friends I Have Family Theyre Not My Friends GIFs

Somewhere along the line, things went south. Between SugarHill Keem and Blockwork snitching allegations it just added more weight to the foundation of OYOGz and the next thing you know bros was beefing

Welcome To The Beef Matty Matheson GIF - Welcome To The Beef Matty Matheson I Welcome You To The Beef Show GIFs

In a crazy turn of events, OYOG split and it was OGz against the SugarHill OYs. A cycle that seems to be one of the many curses with the gang culture. Friendships never last. Dudes got a superiority complex or somn because many times its just things that a simple man to man communication could solve, but they just take everything up a notch and start dissing.

Fans saw something they thought they never would, Sha EK who condemned the Notti Bop and was ready to spin on anyone doing it, was now himself one of the key figures doing the Notti Bop diss someone he once called his lil bro, dang. But, the caption to the vid he posted doing the dance gave an idea of what might have triggered the falling out. 

The caption said, “when we heard they was smoking our dead” which hints that SugarHill may have dropped the ball and disrespected Sha EK dead mans first (0:02-0:16)

Sha EK has the weight in the streets, so if he’s jackin the trend, it can easily take a simple beef overboard with others rallying around the OGz vs SugarHill feud 

But hold up now. Sha EK mans and OGz affiliate Lefty Goon went online to clear the air about who betrayed who and caused OYOGz to fall apart

Lefty Goon speaks on Bdot Goon's Case, who started DRILL music, diss songs,  RPT/Drilly indictment - YouTube

According to him OYs was jackin dudes who was dissing the Sha EK nem deads (5:09-5:14) A clip appeared online from a live referencing evidence of just that. In the clip SugarHill Boshy is on live with a couple Courtlandt affiliates and then Lefty Goon and Sha EK pop in and Sha is pissed and calling out Boshy for jackin dudes that dissing his deads Diddy and yellow (1:46-2:46)

Lefty and the OGz felt a way cause to them it was like they was riding for the OYs, even getting into it with dudes in their own hood for em, only to be done dirty (5:15-5:26) (5:32-5:39)

It was crazy how much was going on behind the scenes that built up to the beef. Even in the studio when they were recording the animosity and tension was in the air (6:26-6:38) Sha EK mans’ Lefty Goon claims they even tried talking it out and told SugarHill OYs to stop messing with the opps dissing their mans but instead they joined in and started dissing their mans Diddy and Yellow too (6:41-6:47) 

Things were escalating out of control. Videos hit online of SugarHill DDot nem dissing the OGz and DD Osama brother JStar Balla 

Stream JStar Balla - Left Right | Prod By Lo9 by Jstar Balla | Listen  online for free on SoundCloud

dissing Sha EK deads (1:08-1:30) (1:39-2:18) It’s speculated that this was initially posted by SugarHill affiliates after hearing Sha EK and the OGz dissing their deads, and that’s when Sha EK stopped giving a damn and did the Notti Bopp. The order of who dissed who first is all over the place because each side is claiming the next side dissed first.

At this point, things were looking unrepairable. The line “OYOGz locked in for life” was buried with Sha EK’s new banger “Box/Bluff” where he took back what he said and instead said “F Notti we gon Notti Bop” while doing the dance (0:37-0:46) That was the nail in the coffin between the relationship of SugarHill OYs and the OGz. From friends and brothers making music and walking down on the opps, to enemies Things only got worse between the two. It became an onslaught of online attacks and dissing each other deads without remorse (0:44-0:59)

It was all out pandemonium. DD Osama was standing on business saying he’s OGZK 

And Sha EK got turnt up saying he’s OYK to anyone dissing his mans. He was coming for anyone, outside, inside, whatever, it was up and stuck (0:40-1:03) (1:50-2:15) 

As if that wasn’t sad enough what we were witnessing. SugarHill Keem and Sha EK also started going at it. These the mans that be on the block together, made music together, spent Keem last night outside together (5:22-6:00) (7:16-8:00) (1:10-1:42)

And now they at each other necks throwing shots online, just sad man. SugarHill Keem IG account is the one named mr.moveelook

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Everybody started unfollowing everybody online, signaling the end of an era

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Sha EK was done with it and it was everybody K (0:00-0:25) Anyone thinking it was a joke soon realized it was real in the field when Sha EK nem caught SugarHill Sensei lackin and left bro face bloody (0:00-1:11)

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Sha EK got online to bask in catching an opp lackin

Sensei responded saying he was jumped while he was solo dolo and still stood ten toes down, 

so gta give bro that at least, he got heart because he wasn’t running he stood right there with dudes around even after they beat him down.

All of em was in the LLKD music video together with Sha EK showing love to their dead mans Edot Baby

Now they running down on each other. Notti loved bro and was always turning up to his music, OYOGz was where it was at DD Osama and Sha EK was online dissing their opps deads together, it was all love and had each other’s back (0:33-2:04) Now here we at with both sides wanting each other murked. The streets take and destroys, and there goes more friendships divided and tricked into battling each other.

Notti and Edot would be sad to see what OYOGz became. RIP to em both

r/NYStateOfMind - Sha Ek and Notti Osama

So there you have it. Thanks for kicking it with yah boy, appreciate the love and support. Catch ya’ll in the next one. Peace up and peace out (1:00-1:49)

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