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The versatile Shauna Moon released her mew mixtape, “Pressure” and shook up the industry.

Trenton, New Jersey’s rising star, Jessica Innis, is a 27-year-old artist  taking the music world by storm with her remarkable talent and dynamic energy. Coming up on lyrical Emcees like Nicki Minaj and Jamaican influences like Spice, Jessica developed a deep passion for the hip-hop craft. Picking up the mic, she adopted the alias, Shauna Moon symbolic of her middle name and the interstellar inspirations originating from the anime, Sailor Moon.

She has in her catalog quite an impressive tracklist. With a style that blends multiple genres while retaining lyricism and flows that incorporate different cultural and language imprints, Shauna Moon is a rare find. The young artist has already made a name for herself with her impressive track record, performing in some of the most iconic cities in the US, including New York, Baltimore, Trenton, and Philadelphia.Already having tracks like her “Need To Know Freestyle” surpassing 40K views and receiving widespread praise for her debut 2021 EP “Static,”  Shauna is gearing up to drop her highly-anticipated mixtape, featuring the lead single “Bankroll” set to drop on April 28th. The 8-track mixtape, titled “Pressure,” will follow on May 19th and includes Shauna Moon’s best work to date. The project will highlight her ability to create art with flows and sounds that are always evolving and ahead of the trends. She aims to give fans something they can keep on replay no matter how much time has passed, while at the same time displaying her vocal variety and capability as an artist.

“Pressure” is a testament  to  Shauna Moon’s evolution as an artist and it’s clear she’s pushing the boundaries with every track on this new release Once her music meets your ear, there will be no questioning that fact. She has owned the spotlight, earned her respect as a female artist, and is the artist up next deserving of her flowers. Keep up to date on her upcoming mixtape “Pressure” via her socials and website and be sure not to miss its release on May 19th.

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