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St. Geo steps onto the battlefield with his new single “Surrounded By Angels,” beginning with inspirational words from the onset of the track. The voice green-lighting the track holds an omnipotent tone; a heavenly voice manifesting truth into its listeners. St. Geo then proceeds to ride the Lord Cise produced beat with a sound that separates itself from the natural trend of his peers. The track brings together the best parts of alternative and hip hop sound, worthy of only a masterpiece over its rhythmic blend, and St. Geo delivers with his use of lyrical genius to craft substance that speaks to the listener.

St. Geo may now be emerging into the hip hop community, but he pushes off the starting line blazing, closing the gap with those before him. “Surrounded by Angels,” continues off of the momentum created by the success of his album “STEAM” and adds to the already impactful catalog curated by the rapper.

St. Geo is destined for great things. His music has its own voice, and aims to do more than simply create hits. It holds a certain depth, able to touch listeners from different walks in life, but at the same time bring them together. St. Geo shows no sign of slowing up, intent on a legacy that will be remembered for its ability to educate and unite without sacrificing melody and infectious music.

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