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Boosie Badazz and T.I.’s friendship is going up in smoke over claims of snitching.

During a recent interview, Boosie claimed that he pulled the plug on their joint album because T.I. once admitted that he snitched on his late cousin to get out of a gun charge.

“With the T.I. situation, if he did that, you a fu**in’ rat too,” Boosie told VladTV. “If you doing anything wrong, you doing anything criminal wise, and you cooperating with law enforcement to get you out of trouble, that means you’re corroborating, that means you’re a rat.”

During a 2020 episode of his “expediTIously” podcast, Tip copped to snitching on his dead cousin, Toot, to avoid jail time following their weapons arrest in the early 2000s. However, Boosie doesn’t seem to buy it.

“When I saw that, I think T.I. fu**in’ lying,” he said. “I think he went up there and just got to fu**in’ talking… From me talking and vibing with this man, I don’t feel like he could have held that in for fu**in’ all these years.”

After Boosie’s interview went viral, T.I. fired back. Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, he reposted a clip and blasted Boosie for disrespecting him without speaking to him first.

“To get on da net & speak on shit you’ve never spoke to me about is leaving me to believe you been hiding ya heart the whole time!!!!” he wrote. “I’d NEVER speak ‘certain disrespect’ on your name/reputation bout a ‘IF’ homie… da convict code say When in doubt…pull the paperwork out!!! … ‘IF’ it was a question or confusion bout anything I said you could’ve called and asked …. so u can report back & tell ya ‘OG’ …or you could’ve pulled up & checked the blk & white like I’m offering now.”

He told Boosie that he could care less what he or others think. “PULL UP & report back to da rest of these ni**az who opinions matter so much to you. Cause I could Give a F**k bout what no ni**a think bout me!!! ‘The tail shall never wag the dog’ Leadership Leads…. wit facts and stats… we don’t follow no fantasyland shit…remember that!!! & I ain’t bending my knees for nothing or fearing nothing but GOD!!!”

He later tagged Boosie and expressed his disappointment in the way he handled the situation. “So cmon & see what you speaking bout so next time you can speak intelligently. @mamaheliveagain.2.0 I expected more from you. This shit ain’t solid. obviously I thought we WAS something we WASNT.”

Boosie—who also called Gunna a “rat” for taking a plea deal in the YSL RICO case—claims T.I.’s snitching “ruined everything,” and that their joint album will never see the light of day after cries from his fans and even his 61-year-old uncle. “They like Boosie, ‘You cannot put this album out,’” he said.

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