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June 24th, 2017, an interview on RealLyfe Productions YouTube page premiered with Dallas, Texas comedian Roylee Pate (1:25-1:28) (0:07-1:11) (1:12-1:21) (27:21-27:31) (5:08-5:49) (0:57-1:37) (0:32-0:57) (39:02-39:26) (1:30-1:50)

Roylee Pate

that would evidently lead to him losing his life. As the camera was locked on Roy Lee who had the floor, he uttered the statement “Come on hoe. You from Oak Cliff America, come F with us hoe. Till you come on up so we can rob you. Cause you ain’t really from over here, right” (27:21-27:31) Roy Lee was drawing reference to a particular rapper in question who went by the name Markies Deandre Conway aka Yella Beezy

Yella Beezy - YouTube

In a previous interview, Yella Beezy would have claimed he was from Oak Cliff (1:12-1:22) From Roy Lee’s perspective, he wasn’t simply going to let what he believed was a lie be told. But, there was one other factor that influenced his decision to speak publicly exposing Yella Beezy. There was a bit of a rift between Yella Beezy and another Dallas Texas rapper by the name of Melvin Noble aka MO3 

What Happened to Mo3? The Rapper Has Reportedly Died After a Shootout

Now, MO3 and Roy Lee were like best friends.