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What up gang. Back with the real you know what’s the deal. Mobile Alabama has been shaking somn up these past couple years in the rap game and now another has been making hella noise. OMB Peezy seen it all, (0:00-0:14) (0:04-0:13) (2:30-2:41) (9:07-9:21) (11:46-12:18) (7:05-7:15) (0:19-0:37) (0:00-0:11) (0:37-0:57) (10:30-11:08) (0:38-0:49)

OMB Peezy Feat. OMB Iceberg -

from kids heads blown off, to prison, to being the main suspect charged for shooting up Roddy Ricch and 42 Dugg music video. But many don’t see him giving back to the community, trying to provide better for the kids, using his music to send a message to the youth. He’s underrated, but that’s changing every day. This is the life of OMB Peezy. Let’s chop it up and break it down.

Born in the little neighborhood of Orange Grove Mobile Alabama, LeParis Dade aka OMB Peezy didn’t have anything to his name but his family and life 

Coming up it was rough and at as early as around 8 years old, the kid had to experience some horrific things that desensitized him to death. Peezy was one of em right in the room when his homie Joe was playing with a shotgun and accidentally popped his own top (5:10-5:58) (6:29-7:03) As if that wasn’t traumatic enough, his experience with gun incidents at a young age didn’t end there. Peezy also had to go through his cousin getting murked by his best friend and his sister getting shot but thankfully surviving (11:46-12:18) 

Trench Facts: OMB Peezy grew his locs out to honor his cousin’s passing cause he always told him to do dreds (0:07-0:29)

Momma Peezy was behind bars and his pops was taking care of him. When she got out, it was time for change and she took Peezy and moved to California. In Peezy’s mind as a kid, bro was hyped thinking it’s about to be baddie central and palm tree living free, no longer running through the grove with his woes (8:58-9:43) But he got a U-Haul van with 13 hours of driving (3:19-3:53) (4:24-4:39)

And just like that, Peezy was now in Sacramento, California. Starting from scratch, Momma Peezy after some struggles got em into a shelter (5:15-5:33) For some this might be a harsh change, but for man like OMB Peezy, he was already familiar with the shelter settings being in one back home in Alabama before. So to Peezy, he was in Cali and he was gna embrace the opportunities from the new life (5:59-6:17) Momma Peezy had the same mentality, go getters, she went to school and started doing nursery care for the elderly to try provide (6:23-6:44)

People tried to drag Peezy into gangs, but he was his own man and stood solid (2:10-2:38) It was in Sac where he got part of his name. Residents couldn’t say his name right so he just shortened it to Peezy and OMB aka Only My Brothers is what him and the homies created (0:08-0:29) (0:50-0:53)

Soon realized how bad off his life was in Bama when he saw how kids in Cali were living in stable homes with toys and all that (1:54-2:20) (2:33-2:54) Ready to level up his paper, Peezy adapted to his new environment hittin licks like it was his favorite hobby. From since high school, Peezy was putting the beats on students and jackin their iPhone, so from early the cops already knew him as a menace (23:50-24:05) The original sticky fingers, Peezy was stealing everything from clothes to golf carts. Bro was getting it anyway he could but his stunts landed him in and out of juvie (2:41-25:23) Peezy was a menace to the law, giving hell and going on the run from all his Pos (51:52-52:18)

The rap sheet was stacking up during them teenage years, but one situation knocked some sense into bro. His criminal activities escalated until Peezy found himself in serious trouble for strong-arm robbery and assault. Luckily, the charges were reduced to theft with misdemeanor battery. But it left him with 7 years probation (24:16-24:40) What’s worse, around the time he got locked, his shawty was near giving birth and his son was born while he was on the inside (2:12-2:17) Peezy could have been present but around that time she was pregnant, Peezy got jammed up with the law, was able to bond out, but bro went right back to the shenanigans and got locked again for having a pistol (5:41-5:48) (7:17-7:31)

So now, Peezy had to figure out what the hell to do with life to provide for his son. When ol girl was pregnant, he tried a 9-5 at a warehouse, but after a day, Peezy dipped (12:56-13:26) School was out of the question too. Peezy already dropped out around 9th grade because at one point he was moving around and ended up in the A with his pops. Every school was teaching somn different so Peezy ain’t no what the hell going on so bro said screw it. The school matching bro energy said screw it too and kicked him out (9:23-10:00)

Peezy had a decision to make. Continue in the trenches to provide for his son and risking losing his freedom or his life, or pic up the mic and channel his life into a music career. He already had a passion for it, since 8 he was writing raps and by 12 when he moved to Cali, he recorded his first song in Momma Peezy boyfriend studio (21:37-22:06) So now it wasn’t tough to make the decision to pursue a music career and step away from the streets. He loved his son too much to not try give him a proper life different from what he lived (4:25-4:58)

On August 31st 2016 Peezy got on his grind and dropped off his first official video, a remix to Kodak’s “Skrilla”, and bro talent was undeniable (27:03-27:30)  The flow, the bars, the vibe, Peezy had it 

From there Peezy kept with the heat, dropping his breakout banger “Layout” less than a year later and the streets and industry was tuned in (21:31-21:51) 

He linked with Bay Area Legend E40 through his mans (36:13-37:12) Peezy flew out to New York and started his meetings with labels. He would first sign a distribution deal with 300 before signing to E40 (37:20-37:31) At that time though, Peezy didn’t know how much mills dudes was making off their deal and he signed for 20 bands to E40 (3:26-3:50) Peezy learned a hard lesson about the difference with the streets and the industry. The industry might smile and be buddy buddy but their motives ain’t always pure (0:39-1:22) Looking back, Peezy wished he would have waiting about a 6 months more before rushing to sign (3:00-3:25) Peezy learned and took the mature root though, deal had already passed so he got up and kept moving with no hard feelings (4:36-4:52)

Peezy was out here touring with Tee Grizzley nem, collabing with King Von, dropping his EP “Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings on Spotify

and went on to be doing his thang tearing up Rolling Loud performances (13:55-14:35) The blessings were pouring down and bro deserved it (20:54-21:17) Peezy even started diversifying his fame, launching his own cooking show “Hood Essentials” (0:07-1:01) (2:13-2:30) (2:43-3:14)

It’s like as street dudes start reaping the benefits of a better life, that past lifestyle always gets a hold on em. March 2019, Peezy performed at the Soul Kitchen in his hometown of Mobile, Alabama where Boosie headlined 


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But at the afterparty, Peezy got into it with the opps and when he dipped outside, the opps caught him lackin and let the hammer fly, shooting him in the leg (6:32-6:38)


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With so many rappers being lost to gun violence, fans were worried, but Peezy posted pics updating that he was good and a clip after he was hit acting like it was nothing but a day in the life 

A person lying in a hospital bed

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The bullet went through Peezy’s foot breaking a couple bones (7:05-7:15)

OMB Peezy got over that hurdle, but the losses kept coming. He would lose both his homie Taedo who got shot

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And his grandmoms. Both losses impacted Peezy heavy cause that was his peoples fr (47:26-47:52) (47:58-49:36) (1:31-1:44) (0:05-0:25)

Peezy repped both of em in dedication songs “Streets Made Me” and “Ms Lois House” (0:00-0:15) (0:38-1:01) (3:52-4:13) It was a rough road, but Peezy kept walking forward. Then the next thing we know, beef was at the next stop waiting. Peezy was on the Cuhmunity podcast and had to get somn off his chest (0:55-1:05) According to Peezy, him and fellow Alabama rapper NoCap 

all hair nocap -

was cool but he started being on some division vibes saying Peezy ain’t from Alabama when Peezy was on unifying the hood, so Peezy let it be known that NoCap a bih and said he gon pipe down Cap’s moms (0:00-0:15) (2:22:00-2:22:12) (2:35-3:59) That set things off between the two, sparking a back and forth (0:04-0:13)

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Under a post on Peezy IG, NoCap hopped in the comments coming at Peezy, pause

r/NBAYoungboy - Peezy’s new post saying he’s throwing rocks at birds(Nocap’s hood is also called “Birdsville”)
r/NBAYoungboy - Ghettos response to peezy’s new post.
r/NBAYoungboy - Famous 1600 member Ghetto saying fuck the orange heart (orange heart represents peezy’s hood)

Finishing it off with posting a pic of his own with the caption “dey leave it in the interviews I leave it in the streets.”

The two worked in the past releasing the song “Demons” and Peezy even did music with NBA YoungBoy who NoCap is signed to 

Throwback to the YB and OMB Peezy video shoot : r/NBAYoungboy

so it’s crazy how they start butting heads like this.

The two stopped sending jabs at each other, hopefully that means the beef won’t go any further and turn into something it don’t need to be cause threats already ben made. Peezy had more coming his way still to overcome. February 21st 2021, news broke that someone allegedly slid on Roddy Ricch and 42 Dugg 

2 Men Shot On Set Of 42 Dugg, Roddy Ricch Video

at a music video they were shooting at a scrap yard on Wells Street in southwest Atlanta (0:00-0:12)

Three people are shot on a music video set in Atlanta for rappers Roddy  Ricch and 42 Dugg | Daily Mail Online (0:00-0:11) (0:37-0:57)

Three people were injured due to the attack, luckily no one was murked and Roddy and Dugg were safe

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Next thing we know, the most unexpected news would hit the net. OMB Peezy was locked up as the suspect in the shooting and was expected to face charges for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime (10:30-11:08)

OMB Peezy Arrested for Roddy Ricch, 42 Dugg Music Video Shooting - XXL

This time, like other times in the past where footage was released, Peezy stood on the code he believed in. Bro was solid, never talking, never ratting to the cops in that interrogation room 

Peezy would bond out but he had to wear an ankle monitor and surrender his passport and had to check in 14 before he intended to travel for approval (0:38-0:49) (13:18-13:37)

After a year and a half, the case was finally dropped in August 2022 and Peezy was a free man again (12:15-12:28)–E (0:25-0:42)

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Peezy been doing his thing since, staying far from any trouble and continuing to drop heat on fans head top. His latest release is his DJ Drama Gangsta Grillz mixtape “Misguided”

OMB Peezy & DJ Drama Link on 'Gangsta Grillz' Mixtape 'Misguided' | Complex

OMB Peezy been through it all and came out with the W. He took losses and made hella mistakes, turning to pills and weed to cope, but it made him who he is (9:54-10:17) He got the talent to leave one hell of a legacy on the mic and growing learning the instruments (8:34-8:55) He gives back to the community, from free hair cuts for the kids every year to showing them a better way (12:10-12:26)

He doesn’t just make music, he actually puts meanings and messages in his songs to inspire, motivate, and touch the lives of those going through it (0:20-1:15) (41:29-41:51) Let’s see where his journey leads. 

So there you have it. Thanks for kicking it with yah boy, appreciate the love and support. Catch ya’ll in the next one. Peace up and peace out.

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