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What up gang. Back with the real you know what’s the deal. Chicago put the drill culture on the map and with creators like DJ Akademiks who came on the scene with his War in Chiraq series back in the day, (0:39-0:50) (2:28-2:47) (0:18-0:23) (6:30-6:39) (7:53-7:59) (12:14-13:07) (8:37-8:56) (0:08-0:30) (0:18-0:32) (0:27-0:41) (6:34-7:01) (3:47-4:12) (0:24-0:48)

the world had a front-row seat to the violence, beefs, and gang culture these rappers and their homies in the trenches were living. Today we’re going to focus on one of those gangs, their origins, their come up, beefs, and their shocking fallout over a decade later. This is the story of NLMB.

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Let’s chop it up and break it down.

In the eastside of Chicago, their ruled a gang that was always in the line of fire. They were young savages that came up in the trenches and became the trenches for the next generation jumping off the porch. The world now knows them as NLMB aka Never Leave My Brothers made widely popular by NLMB members Lil Bibby and G Herbo after they blew up in the rap game 

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To the streets NLMB was officially known as The No Limit Muskegon Boys which as the name implies was a merging of two sets, No Limit 

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and The Muskegon Boys 

r/Chiraqology - Muskegon Boyz(🔱)

But before they united their forces and became the gang that wasn’t scared to go at it with any of the many opps surrounding their territory, they had their own battles to fight that led them to linking into one.

No Limit’s roots are planted in the soil of the Black P Stone Nation which was co-founded by Jeff Fort and later on he’d renamed it El Rukn after he went by his adopted name Prince Malik when he converted to Islam

Jeff Fort Black P Stone Chicago Part 1 - YouTube
Black P. Stones | Hip-Hop Database Wiki | Fandom

Jeff Fort originally took over the group Black Stone Rangers and turned it into The Almighty Black P Stones aka The Black P Stones where the P stood as a symbol of Peace Prosperity People and Power

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But the reality was that they turned out to be a ruthless gang who was even telling the police to their faces if they murked them then they gna get murked (0:00-0:41) The criminal enterprise flourished leaving a trail of bodies and overtook Chicago’s youth

Now the years passed and the bloodshed kept pouring until it came down to a new generation where Jeff Fort’s son Antonion Fort began the groundwork that would in time become NLMB

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r/Chiraqology - Crown prince ang-el (BPSN✊🏿🇲🇦☪️🤲🏾 )🕊 (Antonio fort) the son of Jeff fort. He came up dead in the 90s. A lot of rumors on who killed him. I’ve heard it was the Apache stones. But Other niggas say Jeff sanctioned the hit. Who knows. Antonio son miggs the crown p raps and did a …

His goal was to take control of a certain part of eastside Chicago that earned the name Terror Town for the violence and carnage known to its streets. The area was located about 75th and 79th street and had parents fearing for their kids (0:15-0:30)


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Sure enough the streets does what it does and claimed his life, no one knows who snuffed him out because on March 28th 1977 his lifeless body was found floating in Wolf Lake on the Illinois-Indiana border riddled with bullet wounds


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Jeff Fort’s nephew Eric Fort would eventually take up the torch down the line dragging Terror Town further into havoc. But he too got caught lackin, this time by the cops. Since September 2010 they were doing an undercover operation called “Terror Town II”. They had surveillance footage of lines of people purchasing drugs 

and caught the P Stones in the act and in 2011 that was that. They swooped in and arrested Eric Fort aka Eric Gauthreaux aka Righty and other prominent leaders of the gang (0:01-1:24)

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After that, it was a power struggle. With no one to take control, things got even more out of hand with different groups forming their own cliques. That paved the way for the rising of No Limit, home to 79th street that was split into two groups brought up under OGs G Bull and G Gil. That was the beginning of savages like Bibby, Herbo, Bibby brother G Money, Kyro, Faro, Lil Wet, Crazy James, Job, G Maneski, and NLMB top hitta, Mad Maxx

The stage was set for one half of what would become NLMB, so how did The Muskegon boys become the other half? 

The Muskegon Boys aka The Muskegon Block Gangsters was a small GD set not far off from where Terror Town home to 78th and Muskegon Ave. The set was allegedly founded by two savages by the name of Doeski and White Bread

 It’s always crazy how close each of these sets are that are warring with each other, dudes literally be right down the block. The Muskegon Boys territory was right beside Terror Town but also another rival set of No Limit in the Lakeside area.


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Lakeside would become a fearsome opp for NLMB in times to come with the Kutthroat gang KTS aka Kill To Survive matching the terror of terror town. But before that, it wasn’t like Lakeside wasn’t applying pressure on The Muskegon Boys. The violence and rivalry between the GD affiliates continued. Wanting to expand their manpower and status in the trenches, an alliance was formed between The Muskegon Boys and Terror Town’s No Limit to become what we now know as NLMB The No Limit Muskegon Boys aka Never Leave My Brothers

r/Chiraqhits - No Limit Muskegon Boys [2012]

Once the alliance was formed, things would take a drastic turn leading to a trail of bodies and loss for both them and their opps. NLMB wasn’t with following the old ways of the P Stone Nation. As far as they saw it, this was their town, their home, and they were the ones holding it down and keeping the gang’s legacy alive, so NLMB stopped referring to the area as Terror Town and being affiliated with their predecessors, The Black P Stone Nation. This new generation wanted the credit for putting in work and wanted to stand on their own name, so that’s what they did (1:39-2:19)

Members like G Herbo and Lil Bibby who formed a friendship from young were among those who claim to have stepped up when the OGs were murked and locked up and the structure fell apart. The opps were trying to move in and they stood on business on the front lines of the street war fighting for control (2:25-3:16) By 15 G Herbo nem was head first into the gang lifestyle in the streets (0:40-1:14) These just kids, but they took on a war that had nothing to even do with them. The mentality of that gang culture don’t see it that way though, dudes started beefing before they were even born but now they here continuing the beef with people that live right close by.

Sadly, that way of life came with many negatives, one being bloodshed. NLMB had a number of opps on all corners. From Blackmobb, to Pocket Town, to the infamous Lakeside set KTS who branded themselves with the tattoo of a target on their necks

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One of these sets turned opp was Blackmobb. BlackMobb and NLMB were cool but they had rules governing their relationship. Any drugs sold on their territory, they had too get a cut, sounds simple enough from the outside looking in, right? 

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One NLMB member by the name of Vito 

Vito 🕊 (NoLimit 079) He was killed by BlackMobb Boo 🔒 April 27th 2009.  His death caused the NLMB-BlackMobb War : r/Chiraqhits

would make the grave mistake of breaking that code and was dealt with by BlackMobb. He wasn’t murked, but was violated – street lingo for taught a lesson

As the story goes, Vito didn’t learn from his first mistake and his pride got in the way of common sense and he spun the block trying to take out a BlackMobb member. That was already a bad move, but what made it worse is that he tried to do it with their family members around. Failing to complete the hit, the tables were turned on Vito when BlackMobb retaliated and murked him. News reports state that on April 27th 2009, officers responded to gunfire in the 7800 block of South Essex Avenue about 1:20 a.m. to find Deveus Johnson aka NLMB Vito lying on the sidewalk with a gunshot wound in his chest. 

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A man by the name of Trinity Walton aka BlackMobb Boo 

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was convicted for the body and sentenced to 60 years behind bars


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There was no turning back, after this point and BlackMobb was added to the growing list of NLMB opps. They was some formidable foes though, especially with Blackmobb marksman ShootaShellz on the job

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While they had to fend off his attacks, they had bigger fish to fry with the Kutthroat brothers KTS Von and KTS Dre who followed in the footsteps of their pops

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KTS Dre Wiki, Age, Death, Girlfriend, Wife, Family, Biography & More -  WikiBio

They were savage with it, murking NLMB guys and putting them onna shirt wearing it around the block, even in music videos (0:25-0:55)

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That didn’t say NLMB was just sitting in the field as target practice, they was taking out opps left and right all the same. Word is their top hitter Mad Maxx was involved in blowing ShootaShellz brains out, literally, 

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Chicago police investigate the shooting death of Cedron Doles in the 8100 block of South Paulina Street on July 10, 2017, in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood.

Chicago police investigate the killing of Cedron Doles in the 8100 block of South Paulina Street on July 10, 2017, in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood.
r/Chiraqology - NSFW* Graphic picture of rapper ShootaShellz. Shot 15-18 times in the head.

Investigators believe it was a targeted hit and linked it to gang violence, mainly NLMB due to connections in his diss track “Death of 150” released months before he was murked 


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Mad Maxx himself was also murked later on with a Lakeside Terrell Webb aka KTS Hell Rell aka Big Lakeside arrested for his murder

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After arrests for shootings in Chicago, the road to justice is long and  uncertain: 'It's not comforting at all' – Chicago Tribune

2021, after both Shootashells and Mad Maxx passed, unsealed court documents show that the feds had Christopher Jackson aka Mad Maxx as one of the suspects in the gruesome hit

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Both KTS Von and KTS Dre were later murked themselves after a leaving their legacy of violence, bloodshed, and savagery in the streets of Chicago.

June 23rd 2015, geeked up on the drugs, Von was murked in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood on the South Side, as stated by police. The hit happened in the 7500 block of South Ellis Avenue at 2:05 p.m. Reports state that Von was hit multiple times and pronounced dead at the scene (0:19-0:23)

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It has never been confirmed who carried out the hit, but many speculate NLMB due to evidence like NLMB Mad Max aka C-Money who was at the time still alive, changed his IG Bio to “Big No Limit Tha Smoker.”

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And NLMB affiliate, Choppa, cryptic message on IG

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Opps were waiting patiently for KTS Von’s oldest brother, KTS Dre to post bail and be on the outside again. They caught him just one day after his fiancé posted bail and it was personal. Cops found around 64 shell castings at the scene and Dre was riddled with just as much as well. I can only imagine what the person in charge of the autopsy had to deal with. Bullets rained down the moment he walked out of the Cook County Jail 

NLMB outlived their opps, but that didn’t mean they didn’t suffer major losses themselves. G Herbo keeps the names of his homies that he loss in the beef tatted on his arm and even released the Mixtapes “Welcome To Fazoland” 

G Herbo - Welcome To Fazoland - User Reviews - Album of The Year

and “Ballin’ Like I’m Kobe” 

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dedicated to his homies G Fazo 

All Fallen NLMB members(Pt.2) : r/Chiraqology

and Kobe 

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that were murked (0:05-0:31) (13:58-14:27) (1:10-3:15)

G Herbo almost got x’d out too by the opps when they pulled up and sprayed at him and the homies, hitting many of em as they tried to dip. Herbo missed a headshot by just a few inches as one of the shots went through his fitted and another caught him in the leg (4:02-4:16) (8:22-8:56) (10:52-11:25) (0:00-0:32)

Both the main faces of NLMB, G Herbo and Lil Bibby made it successful in music with Herbo going mainstream dropping Top 5 billboard albums like “25”

and Bibby co-founding Grade A Productions record label with his brother G Money, 

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signing huge artists like Juice Wrld and The Kid Laroi

The Kid LAROI describes final moments before Juice WRLD's death (0:24-0:48) (5:33-6:52)

Still, even with success, it’s always something. NLMB started having internal trouble. No Limit Kyro, who was in the famous KTS No Lackin Series where KTS Dre caught em lackin at a McDonald’s and punched him out (1:00-1:12) (3:00-3:17)

He accused G Herbo of being a fraud in a 2022 interview, saying he don’t live the life he claims in raps and he left the guys behind (3:06-4:25)

Herbo would respond basically saying he could provide the opportunity but if dudes don’t make the best of it that’s not his fault because he gave the opportunity to make somn of themselves (3:47-4:12)

NLMB isn’t as tight nit as they were, but at least those left outlived their opps. Now it’s just to make good on their chance to level up like those that made it out.

So there you have it. Thanks for kicking it with yah boy, appreciate the love and support. Catch ya’ll in the next one. Peace up and peace out.

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