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Everyone wants to be the biggest, but one dude claims to be the biggest of them all. The Memphis thugging rap star, Big Boogie (3:11-3:23) (1:27-1:38) (4:38-5:09) (5:52-6:13) (0:37-0:50) (3:50-4:01) (22:05-22:44) (5:52-6:14) (0:31-0:44) (4:31-4:58) (3:15-3:27) (0:33- 0:55) (1:40- 1:45) (0:09-0:45)

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Coming up through pain, loss, hearing his pops die on the phone, beating an attempted murder charge, beefing with the shiestest of shiesties, Big Boogie seen and done it all. With God guiding his path, he ain’t stopping no time soon, that’s if the entire of Memphis gunning for his life doesn’t get in the way. Here’s all you need to know about the life of the Big Dude Big Boogie. Let’s chop it up and break it down.

John Lotts aka Big Boogie originally was born in Tallulah Louisianan before moving to Frayser in Memphis (1:42-1:43) (1:35-1:37)The neighborhood is often classified as the most dangerous in Memphis due to its murder rate and violence


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Boogie started out as the kid making everyone laugh (0:35-0:48) but cross him and his temper can go out of control. Even anger management couldn’t control the rage (1:41-2:07) From a kid he was fearless. I mean bro nem was busting each other head with bricks and bottles for fun, that’s how he got that scar on his forehead (0:07-0:45) (1:52-2:34)

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He was a smart kid just with bad ways that would eventually lead him down a path that nearly lost his life and freedom (2:55-3:03) Originally he wanted to be a drummer, he was the captain leading the band and everything, even got a scholarship where they’d drop some M’s on him to pursue it further at college, but being young, thuggin, and wanting to be a rapper, he turned it down (2:15-2:35) (3:42-4:26)

Boogie started cutting hair, but that wasn’t gna get him where I want to be, so him and his partner who used to rap started scheming bout music (2:28-2:48) Boogie wasn’t bout the struggle, he wanted the world to know who he was (2:50-3:02) Even when he was thuggin it with his crew, he kept his focus unlike homies who crashed out (11:37-12:33)

Boogie would soon experience a huge loss. When he was in 10th grade, Boogie’s father passed away on the phone while they were talking. Turns out his pops was ill from liquor poisoning but kept it secret from his kids (5:29-6:16) Big Boogie had to hear his pops last breath on the phone and that took everything from him (6:33-6:40) That was the point Boogie realized death wasn’t no joke and after feeling lost, he found strength in finding God and understanding life and death through that connection he found (3:44-4:33) (0:30-1:12)

Boogie suffered a big loss and he couldn’t even stomach going to his pops funeral to see him laid out (0:12-0:24) Boogie turned to music, he took that pain and emotion and channeled it into songs (8:50-9:30)

Trench Facts: Boogie actually has an unreleased song he wrote about his pops that he never released and keeps it for himself to remember his pops, even though it makes him tear up every time he listens it (0:10-0:20)

Boogie had to build himself up from the bottom. With nothing but a roof over his head at his sister place, Boogie was sleeping on the floor with a speaker as a pillow and started soul searching (8:16-8:35) He dropped the songs, “Life Story” and “I Feel It” but the one that got him some traction was “See No Evil” that he came up with laying on them speakers wanting to experience a personal bond with God (10:50-11:05) That was when Big Boogie found his voice and took off (8:38-9:12) 

Having his daughter helped keep him together (4:48-5:42) The blessings started rolling in. July 2018, Big Boogie would drop the track “Let Me Know” After that, he got a phone call from Yo Gotti telling him they flying him to NY and Boogie later signed to CMG (13:43-14:43) (0:17-1:00)

From then forward, Big Boogie became the Big Dude (15:17-15:56) 

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He been enduring hell since then, fights, jail, shootouts, being shot at (2:53-3:07) (4:00-4:13) He finally made it big, but with fame came sacrifices (6:09-6:28) Things would get even worse when he was arrested. It was his lil cuzzo bday, that night Big Boog slid through the club to enjoy the vibes when things went left. According to Big Boogie, he was kicking it with his homie Fred from school when an altercation broke out (2:23-2:52) Dudes was drunk wildin and only one security was there. In the melee they crossed Big Boogie and that’s when he said things popped off and he dipped (3:20-3:48)

Next thing Boogie knew, his name was in the news saying he was caught tryna murk somn with the strap on camera (3:50-3:56) Boogie was arrested on attempted murder charges with his bond set at 100k before raising to 250K. Yo Gotti was ready to bond bro out but his lawyer said detectives got nothing on him (4:25-4:40) Potentially losing all his hard work was messing heavy with Boogie mind, so he vented to the one person he believed in, God (4:43-5:08)

Boogie would find out he was facing 65 years (22:00-22:26) His lawyer stood on business, lifting Boogie up when he was breaking down losing it from the news (22:27-22:45) Detectives then tried to hit Big Boogie the ol McDonald’s and drink to rat and point dudes out, but he stood his ground (6:50-7:35)

As if fighting for his freedom wasn’t enough. While on his way to court, he heard about the tragedy that struck. US Marshalls would murk his homie Brandon Webber. 

Brandon Webber: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know |

Reports state that Webber was shot and killed by members of the U.S. Marshals Service after law enforcement attempted to serve several warrants outside of a home on the 2000 block of Durham Avenue. 

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Webber allegedly “rammed his vehicle into the officers’ vehicles multiple times before exiting with a weapon.” Things got out of hand and according to family members the officers upped the pole and hit bro up over 20 times

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According to law enforcement though, they tell a different story, saying Webber shot a dude 5 times before stealing his whip. Then when the cops pulled up he rammed their vehicle multiple times before getting his strap (1:33-1:46) 

His death sparked hell in the streets as the community ended up in a full on brawl with law enforcement in a riot (0:40-0:55) (0:00-0:10) Things was getting wild. According to law enforcement, Webber’s pops put out a hit on cops to the Gangster Disciples (0:35-0:50) Although nobody else got got, 3 dozen officers were injured (1:07-1:23)

Big Boogie was already weighed down, and now he had deal with this (4:38-5:09) Luckily Big Boogie would beat the charge and be a free man ready to shake up the industry with songs he wrote behind bars (17:41-17:47) In a later interview after his release, Big Boogie explained that the cops got the wrong person, Brandon was a case of mistaken identity and being at the wrong place at the wrong time (12:57-13:09)

Big Boogie was back to receiving his blessings. Boosie, who was like his childhood hero and favorite rapper linked up with bro and turned up in the trenches (40:02-40:47) Him, Boosie, and Boosie son Tootie Raw would release the banger “Slide Then” 

Big Boogie - Slide Then ft Boosie Badazz, Tootie Raww (BTS) RECAP - YouTube

Boogie was taking over the streets. Bro got to the point where he didn’t even have to perform, just point the mic and the crowd would shout his songs word for word 

They say God gives the hardest battles to his strongest soldiers, and Boogie was about to learn that firsthand. He would suffer another loss. I’m not sure if Q is his blood brother or they just really tight, but he calls him his lil bro whenever his name comes up in interviews and songs (4:50-5:10)

Big Boogie - Conversation with Q - YouTube
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January 2021, Q lost his life to gun violence while Boogie was outer town 

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Big Boogie copped a chain with his picture 

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And dropped the track “Conversation With Q” dedicated to his lil bro (0:13-0:37)

The cops wasn’t tryna hear nothing about that. On April 8th 2021 they slid on Big Boogie and his team on Interstate 55, causing a whole scene slamming dudes and women to the ground in a mass arrest (0:36-0:55)

Boogie was arrested along with 20 plus other people for allegedly shooting another driver on I-55 and was charged with one felony according to an affidavit (0:09-0:45)

It seemed like they got bro this time around, but later they confirmed the felony charge was only for possession of marijuana within a correctional facility and Boogie wasn’t held for the shooting. Boogie paid the 10K bond and was back to business

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Boogie was overcoming everything tossed his way, but at some point, it seemed like dudes was just out to take Big Boogie’s life. One of Gucci Mane artist, Mac Critter

Stream Mac Critter music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on  SoundCloud

Was tryna walk down on rappers and Boogie was one of them. He went as far as calling Boogie a bih and banning him from Memphis (5:28-6:14) Then another Gucci artist named FTO Sett 

Sett - First Day in the A [Official Music Video] - YouTube

posted up an alleged clip holding Big Boogie chain like he snatched it off bro Boogie wasn’t going to let that slide and popped up calling cap showing he still had his chain and let dudes know he gon stretch somn if they keep playing with him (0:00-1:03) As one rapper was defeated another popped up. Next Kevo Muney, who calls himself the goat,

Rising Memphis Rap Legend Kevo Muney Delivers Hard Hitting Single 'YES' —  Exclusive Audio

came through the cut for a piece of Big Dude, pause. He was feeling a way Big Boogie posted that he the goat. Kevo reposted it with the caption “Ninjas look up to me” with the laughing emoji

Big Boogie kept it professional with a post to the haters, not giving into the beef mentality

But he had one more to go up the Mortal Kombat ladder (0:07-0:13) It was like he was facing off with rappers until he got to the Boss battle, another Gucci artist, the Shiestiest of Shiesties, Pooh Shiesty 

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Things popped off between the two when Boogie got out of jail and Pooh Shiesty thought he said somn to him behind a fake page (1:40-1:44) Big Boogie would respond, telling Pooh Shiesty if he wanted a feature he could just say that (0:25-1:30) Pooh Shiesty would respond back laughing at Boogie’s response (0:13-0:33) Pooh Shiesty then went on to diss Big Boogie’s set and movement RedRum before reminding Big Boogie he has shows to pop out to so watch his mouth (4:31-4:58) Boogie didn’t take that disrespect likely, his RedRum family is close to his heart fr (3:15-3:27) Big Boogie was addressing everybody and Pooh Shiesty was no different. If anyone came to his shows he was catching a body (2:17-2:42)

Sadly, news emerged saying that Boogie was targeted at his show

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in a hailstorm of bullets that sounded like a warzone. Sadly, his Jasmine lost her life in the attack (0:17-1:00) 

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Boogie had to go through seeing her die right in his arms

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News reports state that over 100 shots were fired for over 40 seconds straight (0:18- 0:55)

Big Boogie was hurting over that one and wanted to catch a body, but bro matured to the point to think things through and not let his anger make him lose all he worked for (20:05-21:47)

At first, many pointed fingers at Pooh Shiesty for being the one responsible, but cops soon arrested two men for the crime. Dorjan Churchman

And Sheldon Gibbs

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Big Boogie, The Big Dude, is still standing and pushing forward with his career. He’s all about walking with God, being a leader to his team, and has dreams of being a therapist to get people through their dark times (29:17-30:00) (20:46-21:40)

So there you have it. Thanks for kicking it with yah boy, appreciate the love and support. Catch ya’ll in the next one. Peace up and peace out.

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