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One thing for sure and two things for certain, Timmy Turn Up knows how to create a banger. His recently released single “Broke Boy” gives off billboard energy. 

Pittsburgh artist, Larenz Roberts-Kelly has been on an unstoppable trail since his inception in the rap game. After adopting his hip hop alias, Timmy Turn Up, the industry has been blessed with track after track that has never missed even once. Every project that makes its way unto the airwaves has been woofing through speakers purely off his talent and grind. Timmy has finessed the game with flashes of punk lyrics that fluctuate from edgy to spiritual in his futuristic hip hop style. Every song is essentially its own episode in an ever-growing universe. Behind that unique sound, are influences that inspired him to create the infectious style. Timmy’s parents played a major role in his career path and elevation, instilling in him the resolve to never give in or give up. Alongside his admiration for greats like Lil Wayne, Kobe Bryant, Conner McGregor, and his close peers, Timmy Turn Up developed himself and learned essential lessons to propel his come up. 

Timmy has since been blazing and gaining recognition. His songs have been played on No Jumper’s Live Streams, Trending on Elevator, and has been shared on platforms like Saycheesetv and HustleHearted’s Instagram. After crushing performances in live shows like Atlanta, Timmy has been on a much deserved high. With hits like “Yu-Gi-Oh,” “$cyth $eeing,” “BlitzBurgh JackBoy$,” “Closing,” and “Liquor Kissing” he has now etched a new addition to the list, “Broke Boy.” The trap banger slaps on all fronts, beat, lyrics, flows, and delivery. Timmy came with high energy and a hook that will have the club shouting his bars over the speakers. He has become a master of vibey verses, and “Broke Boy” takes his level of composition even further.  

Stream the single “Broke Boy” from the artist carrying Pittsburgh all the way to the top. 

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