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Timmy Turn Up continues impressive streak of hot tracks it would be a understatement to say the tracks coming out of the Addictive Accidents camp in 2020-2021 have been hot on the underground scene. In 2020 we saw tracks like Closing, $cyth $eeing, Blitzburgh Jackboy$, and Young Grim drop from just him and some with JStreet lending a helping hand.

This year we’ve witnessed his recent single “Broke Boy” go on to win on a 12 plus hour No Jumper stream beating out tons of other top tier tracks to maintain position with it’s unique instrumental vibey hook and witty wordplay, he then followed up with his newly released tracks Big Dawg$ and Doom. Big Dawg$ lets us see him take a rapid fire machine gun like flow with out of this world punchlines that when put together with the beehive like instrumental are insanely catchy, fellow member of the Addictive Accidents collective JStreet also shines on the song closing out with some great punches in his own right that could go over your head on the first listen recommend playing this one more then once to catch everything .

On the freshly dropped track Doom we hear a way darker instrumental and slower yet more aggressive in tone flow, it’s a stand out in the discography of Timmy Turn Up in terms of creativity and overall direction it sounds different then a lot of what’s being released right now with elements reminiscent of a time in Hip-hop that’s long passed this isn’t one of his hit club sounding records and maybe could be argued takes a certain taste to enjoy in comparison to his other bodies of work but it is uniquely awesome and worth the listen, nonetheless It’s hard not to be excited about the potential of Timmy Turn Up and wonder what not only he but the Addictive Accidents camp as a whole has waiting for us next. With the never ending supply of hot records they seem to release it’s seeming the collective may have the makeup of one of those special alternative Hip-hop movements we get to see rise from the underground scene representing an area in need of new star power, keep these guys in your artist to watch out for moving into the later stages of 2021-2022.

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