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Tinashe, the famous singer-songwriter known for her hits like “2 On” and “No Drama,” has opened up about two collaborations from her past that she now regrets. In a recent interview on the Zach Sang Show, she shared her thoughts on these collaborations and the challenges she faced as an artist in the music industry, revealing how artists can sometimes find themselves in difficult situations.

Both collaborations happened in 2015 when Tinashe was still early in her career. The first was “Player,” featuring Chris Brown, and the second was “Let’s Be Real Now,” a project with the controversial artist R. Kelly. Tinashe admitted feeling uncomfortable about these partnerships and even described the R. Kelly collaboration as embarrassing. She explained that her record label at the time, RCA Records, played a significant role in her artistic choices.

Reflecting on her collaboration with Chris Brown, Tinashe revealed reservations about it. She believed the song didn’t necessarily need Chris Brown’s presence. Still, she felt the label wanted his popularity to boost her career. This highlights the challenges that artists, especially newcomers, face when they have limited control over their decisions in the industry.

This isn’t the first time Tinashe has talked about her collaboration with Chris Brown. In the past, she unfollowed him on social media after he criticized Kehlani for her struggles. Tinashe downplayed the situation, saying that social media can make personal issues seem more significant than they are. She expressed no hard feelings toward Chris Brown and emphasized her willingness to communicate and resolve misunderstandings.

However, Chris Brown responded less positively to Tinashe’s recent interview, making critical comments on social media. This exchange shows how complicated artist relationships can be when they’re under public scrutiny.

Tinashe’s journey serves as a reminder of the challenges artists face in their careers, especially when labels pressure them and find themselves in controversial collaborations. Her willingness to admit her past choices and reflect on her growth as an artist highlights the importance of ethics in the music industry.

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In an era marked by movements like #MeToo, which focus on addressing abuse and misconduct in the entertainment industry, artists are being increasingly scrutinized for their associations. Tinashe’s honesty encourages everyone to work together to create a safer and more accountable music industry where artists can learn and grow while staying true to their values.

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