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For TyB, creating music is more than just producing beats and rhyming words; it’s about expressing his true self and making meaningful connections with his listeners. TyB is a musician who believes in being authentic in his sound and lyrics. In this article, we’ll explore TyB’s artistic journey, creative process, and upcoming projects.

Inspiration and Style

TyB’s passion for music started early in his life as he comes from a family with a rich musical background on both sides. He draws inspiration from artists like Nef the Pharaoh, The Jacka, and Russ, who, according to him, have influenced his style and approach to music with their creativity and authenticity.

When it comes to his artistic style, TyB is versatile, able to create any genre of music. However, he identifies more with the melodic side of music, although he also loves to rap. He aims to convey authenticity through his music and often incorporates his past experiences, including his pains and struggles, into his creations.

TyB: An Artist Creating Authentic Sounds

Creative Process

TyB’s creative process involves freestyling his music, which he pieces together afterward. He starts by playing the beat on repeat, getting into the rhythm, and then starts freestyling his lyrics. TyB says that he likes to record himself using his iPhone and mixes and masters his work himself.

Proud Pieces of Work and Challenges

TyB has produced numerous songs, but his favorite one is “We Tried,” an R&B piece that he enjoys listening to. When faced with creative blocks, TyB takes a break to refresh his mind, which he says always works for him.

Incorporating Feedback and Goals

TyB is open to feedback from others, but ultimately he creates music for himself. He believes that people will take away the realness and his life experiences from his music. For aspiring artists, TyB advises that they should create music for the love of it and not for fame or money.

Upcoming Projects

TyB has upcoming collaborations with Zaytovenbeatz and Nef The Pharaoh, which he is excited about. He continues to evolve his sound and believes that as long as he stays true to himself, his music will keep elevating.

In conclusion, TyB is an artist that believes in being true to himself and creating music that speaks to his soul. His creative process involves freestyling, and he aims to convey authenticity and life experiences through his music. As he continues to evolve his sound, TyB looks forward to his upcoming collaborations and staying consistent in his art.

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