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          We all know Hip Hop / Rap has been one of the most influential genres in our current culture. 50 years in the making, our world of  Hip Hop / Rap is always in a state of constant change. As fans and listeners we always want to find a new artist to listen to. The landscape is vast and the artists are plentiful with all the technological advances. In 2023 practically anyone can make music and release it, so how do you know which artist is worth it? 

           We have found an artist that goes by the name ZIO which is pronounced Zee-Yo. As we waited for him to arrive at our office to conduct this article Z’s manager alerted us that ZIO is on a business call with  Alex Acosta who is a multi platinum music video director who has over 15 years experience. We figured we would hang tight and be patient, so who is ZIO?

            ZIO is a multi faceted Rapper, Producer, and Actor born as Mitchel K. Malizio and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and eventually moved to Southeast Florida in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. Z is eccentric, funny, and has a bit of a gravitational pull on whoever he’s speaking with. His personality is contagious and refreshing. As we spoke he started to roll a perfectly packed symmetrical joint. He said, “This helps me concentrate better”.

             As a teenager ZIO was raised by his mother who is a native Puerto Rican. By the age of 17 he was noticed by DJ Schizophrenic, a Pittsburgh legend and instantly became a priority. The DJ took him under his wing and showed him the ropes. For example, introducing him to Rashard Mendenhall who helped the Pittsburgh Steelers win Superbowl XLIII and became an award-winning writer for HBO’s “Ballers” in his post-playing career. In addition, the DJ gave him street credibility which catapulted ZIO to become nominated directly against Wiz Khalifa as the Best Male artist of the city.

            ZIO the rapper, ZIO the entrepreneur, and ZIO the family man all come from this early start. Now ZIO is emerging back into hip hop with a release hitting Spotify and Apple Music every other Friday. ZIO’s latest single titled “Halley’s Comet” is a lyrical masterpiece. From the initial 808 hit you know it’s a banger. It gave me goosebumps and I had to listen over a few times just to really appreciate it.

           ZIO plans to remain steadfast and consistent with his new catalog and hopefully can strike what he calls his “Retirement Plan” with one of the majors. He has released 2 albums titled BIZZY 1 and BIZZY 2.

You can hear the difference in his wordplay and production from his first album to the second Dark,motivational, street, hustler, slick talking vibes. ZIO’s music is growing popular among new audiences as he has been working on diversifying his genre.

For more information on ZIO like newest music, tour dates, or just creeping on his page to see if you like what he’s dropping find him on his instagram.

@LONEWOLFDTA When we asked why he chose that instagram handle for his page he replied, “Because I don’t trust a motherf%ckin’ soul. The DTA stands for Don’t Trust Anyone and the Lone Wolf is because he knows he doesn’t need anyone except belief in himself and God.

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