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Yas 21 is one of the hottest new artists to watch coming out of Toronto — by way of Montreal, Quebec — with his infectious vocals and the magnetic blend of dance and hip-hop sound. As his music spreads stateside, he delivers his best work yet, heading into the summer with the release of his new single, properly titled “Do It 4 Yas,” a tribute track to Yas 21’s younger brother, Young A Stunnin, who unfortunately passed away in September 2022.

Featuring assistance in a powerful vocal performance by Yas’ younger brother and fellow upcoming recording artist Gleechie of Busy Bros, “Do It 4 Yas” tells a uniquely crafted nightmare-ish bounce with attention-grabbing storytelling that will have you racing to the dance floor immediately. The song’s production delivers an intensely hypnotizing feeling that will pulse through your body like being struck by lightning that hasn’t been duplicated since Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

“Basically, when I was making this beat, my approach was something grungy that almost feel like rock but more dance when it comes to percussion for the first part,” said Yas 21 in a press release. “Then I knew I wanted a rapper on the second half but wanted the ambiance to almost feel like a horror movie follows with a hard bass groove for most of the drop afterward and then a little splatter of that amazing Indian percussion groove which to my taste increases the climax in terms of originality.”

“Do It 4 Yas” is the perfect origin point for newfound fans to begin exploring the emerging artist’s music as he prepares for an unstoppable summer that will showcase his limitless potential and versatility, which leads to an anticipated album coming in late 2023. Promising more new music on the way, he explained:

“I have a lot of songs in the vault ready to be released now. The only focus is making all this beautiful music coexist with each other without it feeling like is jumping from one vibe to another since I’m pretty versatile.”

A brief history on Yas 21, he developed a cutting-edge sound based on the studies of a unique selection of today’s biggest stars in EDM and Hip-Hop, including Swedish House Mafia, Skrillex, David Guetta, and Metro Boomin. On his rise, he crafted a signature sound that he describes as haunting melodies and hypnotic production blended into a harmonic cacophony of rhythm and sound. He has already been heavily prophecized as one of Canada’s next-up to blow.

“Do It 4 Yas” was recently featured on Complex Canada’s Best New Tracks upon its release.

Check out the new single below, and afterward, follow Yas 21 on social media.