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Young Twisty is a Hip-Hop/R&B artist originally from São Paulo, Brazil, who was raised in the suburban area near Hong Kong, China called Shenzhen. An avid fan of the music culture from an early age, his love for poetry helped fuel his admiration for Hip-Hop as he began writing lyrics of his own. Twisty found himself inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson and Chris Brown, but it was Tupac Shakur who influenced him the most during his music transition.

His 2019 freshman project titled “Bad
Weather” is an eight-song EP available on Spotify, Apple Music, and
Amazon. Released in late December, his first single “Brazilian
Legend” is a mid-tempo upbeat song about what it’s like growing up with
his family back home. “Friends” is another song off the EP that
stands out. Anyone who ever been friend-zoned by a potential love interest can
find this song easy to relate with.

Young Twisty is currently working on his next project,
which is a full-length album set for later this year. After leaving the bad
weather behind him, lets see if he’s able to navigate the horizon and shine
through with his next release.

For booking info and more music-related news, be sure
to check out Young Twisty on Instagram @therealyoungtwisty.

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