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Yung Joc took to Instagram on Friday to express his emotions with his followers, as the Atlanta rapper shared a clip in which he broke down crying.

“Raw Emotions,” Joc captioned a video in which he broke down crying, sharing his thoughts on the modern world of social media. “No hiding behind facades. Can I cry in front of the world? Why am I crying?”

The Atlanta native went on to question the “wicked place” that is the world, one in which “kids are dying before they can live in the streets.”

“Our homes are filled with hate because it’s all around us,” Joc wrote. “Destruction is prevalent. Drugs are running rampant in our community. So many are confused. Ascension is a necessity. Let it out in front of the world. Do you ever feel like just letting it all out? Some will laugh and that’s expected. Some will tap in to see if I’m ok and that’s appreciated. I begging for mercy on all of us no soul unaccounted for. I Love You.”

Earlier this year, Joc shut down claims that he’s a one-hit wonder during an appearance on the Hollywood Groupchat podcast.

Joc told the Shade Room that, even though he considered the remark to be “below the belt,” he ultimately decided to answer the question in an effort to “break it down” for her. The “It’s Goin’ Down” rapper admitted he isn’t a stranger to receiving shade. 

“It’s just y’all got a chance to see it from somebody y’all may not be as familiar with, so it’s like, ‘Oh, the nerve,’” he said. “And that’s how I felt too.”