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He established an impact through the standout tracks “BMX” and “Demon On Tuck.” A new sensation is now emerging. ZAIA takes advantage of the acclaim by releasing his highly anticipated new album, American Psycho. The follow-up album to his breakthrough album, Very Alone ZAIA’s newest album, is the result from pain turning passion into greatness.

With two of the most recent hits (BMX, Demon On Tuck), ZAIA delivers a new collection of 12 songs that explores issues of heartbreak, insecurity syndrome and self-awareness. The title, in the spirit of the iconic film with the same name showcases the album’s idea as well as the dark and sombre tone. The album is a reflection interesting, enthralling, and in the end, ZAIA’s most impressive album to date.

American Psycho is an ideal introduction for any fan new to ZAIA, the rising star who is set that will make waves in 2023. The next artist to be watched keep following ZAIA’s daily journey for fresh news, music as well as more, via Social media.

American Psycho is accessible on all platforms via Delirium Records/AWAL.

It is available to stream here: